Wednesday 22 September 2021 / 10:30 PM Coronavirus / Keir Starmer

Keir Starmer sets out vision for a “contribution society”

Ahead of his first in-person Labour Party conference, Keir Starmer has set out his vision of how Labour will focus on providing security and opportunity to working people across the country

At the heart of the Labour leader’s essay is the “contribution society” –  where we all have a part to play, one in which we recognise the value of family, community and each person and each businesses’ ability to contribute to the country’s success.

In order to put contribution at the centre of our efforts, Labour would build an effective partnership of state and private sector to prioritise the things that we have seen really matter: health, living conditions, working conditions and the environment.

Labour will put an emphasis back on the things and the places that bring us together – the idea of community, of safe and pleasant neighbourhoods.

The essay argues that every person and every business has a role to play in building a better society. It includes giving workers the new deal they deserve, ensuring that hard working people don’t shoulder the burden of the recovery, revaluing those who got Britain through the pandemic and building a new partnership with business.

Keir Starmer says that the pandemic brought out the best of our country – resilience, compassion and people coming together. But the pandemic has also exposed how the foundations of our country had been weakened by political decisions taken over the previous decade under the Tories.

He writes that Britain now stands at a crossroads, with one path leading to more inequality of opportunity and insecurity under the Tories. The other path, with Labour, will provide security and opportunity across the country.

In addition to pointing to policies across crime, education, health, power, and economy, Starmer proposes ten guiding principles for a contribution society.

Keir Starmer MP, Leader of the Labour Party, said:

“People want to emerge from lockdown into something better. Our country is now at a crossroads: down one path is the same inequality of opportunity and insecurity. The Labour path is about building a better future for working people.

“Labour will build a society that prizes the contributions people make, providing security and opportunity across Britain.”