Thursday 20 January 2022 / 10:00 PM Foreign Policy / Keir Starmer / Ukraine

Keir Starmer statement on meeting Ukrainian Ambassador Vadym Prystaiko

Today, Labour leader Keir Starmer met with Ukrainian Ambassador Vadym Prystaiko. He reiterated his strong support to the Ukrainian government and people in the ongoing tensions with Russia. He urged the UK to work with NATO and European Allies and show strong leadership against Russian threats.

Keir Starmer, Leader of the Labour Party, said:

“I was delighted to meet with Ambassador Prystaiko and show him and the Ukrainian people that Labour is resolute in our support for the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

“Russia’s actions and threats cannot be justified nor tolerated and are driving a dangerous escalation of tension in the region and wider world.

“The people of Ukraine want a democratic future and must be able to choose their own path and determine their own political destiny.

“Labour will continue to support international dialogue to achieve de-escalation as well as the UK government’s decision to support Ukraine’s ability to defend itself through military aid.

“Alongside this, Labour will continue to press the UK Government to step up efforts with European and NATO allies to develop a united approach which uses the full spectrum of our capabilities to deter the Russian government’s ambitions.

“We must show that any attempts to undermine Ukraine’s integrity will be met with a strong, consistent and resolute response.

“In a dangerous and volatile landscape, we need strong, serious leadership. It is crucial the British government’s focus is on this threat and that we are not distracted by internal infighting or wider diplomatic squabbles.”