Monday 23 September 2019 / 8:28 AM Rebecca Long Bailey

Labour announces plans to create community car sharing in every UK neighbourhood

Rebecca Long Bailey, Labour’s Shadow BEIS Secretary, today announces plans for publicly owned community car-sharing clubs, putting 30,000 electric cars on the streets for hire by local people.

Private car sharing companies like Zip Car are concentrated in cities and provide limited numbers of electric cars. As of 2019, Zipcar has 2,600 cars nationally. Community Car Clubs will be rolled out across the UK and provide a fleet of low carbon electric cars that can be rented through an app.

Community Car Clubs will be owned and operated by community-level co-operatives and local authorities. A National Car Club will support their set up with expertise and funding for the initial costs, and will procure domestically-built electric cars to support local manufacturing. It will also run a mobile app that can be used locally.

The scheme will help the UK tackle the climate emergency by reducing emissions, the number of privately-owned cars on the road, and journey numbers.

Rebecca Long Bailey, Labour’s Shadow BEIS Secretary, said:

“Labour’s Community Car Clubs will put collective car transport in the hands of communities, reducing emissions, improving air quality in urban areas and boosting domestic manufacturing.

“As part of our Green Industrial Revolution, clean air has to be a priority – and that means making electric car-sharing available to everyone.

“Labour will ensure every community has its own electric car-sharing club – owned and controlled by the people.’’


Notes to Editors

  • A publicly owned community car sharing club, emulating private companies like Zipcar, will allow for people to access community owned cars in their local neighbourhoods.
  • This will be funded by £300 million from Labour’s National Transformation Fund of £250bn investment over ten years.
  • The £300 million will include £50 million to invest into financing and procuring the digital technology, mobile apps, data analysis, start-up costs and systems management to support local community car clubs, and £250 million towards purchasing electric vehicles leased to Community Car Clubs – which will catalyse a further £500 million in income derived from leasing electric cars to Community Car Clubs. This equates to 30,000 vehicles at £25,000 per vehicle.
  • Existing car-sharing vehicles (from Zipcar and other companies) are concentrated in UK urban hubs such as London, Bristol, Oxford and Cambridge. Labour will encourage the set up of Community Car Clubs in every village, town and city, including marginalised and held back communities.
  • In comparison to Labour’s 30,000 Community Car Club vehicles, Zipcar has 2,600 cars in the UK in 2019, of which electric cars number in the hundreds.,
  • The national car club will procure EVs collectively for local co-ops and authorities, pooling demand to reduce purchasing costs.