Tuesday 27 April 2021 / 9:36 AM Education / Kate Green

Labour calls for children to be at heart of national recovery

Kate Green MP, Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary, responding to reports from the Education Endowment Foundation that young children’s language and social development has been delayed by lockdown, said:

“The Conservatives have treated children as an afterthought throughout the pandemic and the news that children’s language and social skills have fallen so far behind ought to be a wake up call.

“Government ‘catch-up’ plans fall far short of what is needed for children to recover lost learning, including nothing on wellbeing or social development. In addition, their stealth cut to the pupil premium hinders schools’ ability to put their own plans in place.

“Labour want children to be at the heart of our national recovery. Our plans for breakfast clubs would give all children extra time to socialise with friends, and targeted additional learning at the start of the day.”