Tuesday 5 November 2019 / 1:56 PM Jonathan Ashworth / NHS

Labour donates to Tory campaign with a new bus for Johnson

Labour has released a new advert today which shows where Boris Johnson’s infamous EU referendum claim of NHS money will really go under a Trump sell out trade deal.

Channel 4 Dispatches highlighted secret negotiations between the British Government and the US Government, who want ‘full market access’ to the NHS for US drug companies. Experts forecast that could cost the NHS as much as £500m a week.

Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, Jonathan Ashworth said:

“We’ve decided to do the Conservatives a favour and redesign their bus for them, free of charge. Unfortunately, Johnson’s sell out trade deal with Donald Trump won’t be free of charge. There could be a £500m a week price tag paid from our NHS to US corporations. The Conservatives have already doubled NHS privatisation and last week Johnson declined to rule out extending this further.

“You can’t trust Boris Johnson with the NHS, and under Labour, our NHS is not for sale.”