Wednesday 3 October 2018 / 2:01 PM Ian Lavery

Labour Party Chair Ian Lavery MP responds to Theresa May’s speech

Ian Lavery MP, Labour Party Chair,  responding to Theresa May’s speech to Conservative Party conference, said:

“While the country is crying out for real change, all Theresa May and her party offer are pinched ideas and tinkering around at the edges, relying on petty attacks to cover up their lack of vision.

“Austerity is not an economic necessity. It is a political choice made by the Conservatives to hack away at our public services and communities, leaving workers worse off while gifting huge tax cuts to big business. And as long as Britain has a Conservative Prime Minister, we’ll never see an end to austerity.

“Theresa May has shown her party offers no answers, no ideas, and no hope for communities held back for too long. Labour has put forward a radical and credible plan to transform our economy, public services and towns and cities. A plan to rebuild Britain for the many, not the few.”