Friday 16 April 2021 / 11:27 AM Lisa Nandy

Lisa Nandy comments on the announcement of US sanctions against Russia

Lisa Nandy MP, Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary, commenting on the announcement of US sanctions against Russia, said:


“As Russian forces continue to mass on the border with Ukraine, these US sanctions illustrate the dual threat Russia poses – both conventional and non-traditional. Yet despite having acknowledged the risk posed by Russia to our own security, the UK government continues to refuse to take the necessary measures on either front.


“More than two years after the Russia Report was completed, the Government has still failed to implement any of its 23 recommendations needed to protect our democracy, clean up dirty money flowing into the City of London and reinforce our democratic defences against foreign interference.


“Instead of taking the actions necessary to safeguard our national security at home and abroad, the Government has chosen to cut the size of the armed forces and key conventional capabilities. The Tories have strained our diplomatic relations with European partners and repeatedly broken international law while calling on Russia to comply with it.


“We support the imposition of sanctions by the United States. But it is now time for the UK government to take steps, at home and internationally, that put us in a better to position to respond to the challenge Russia poses.”