Monday 23 November 2020 / 7:47 PM Lisa Nandy

Lisa Nandy comments on the recent arrests of human rights activists in Egypt

Lisa Nandy MP, Labour’s Foreign Secretary, commenting on the recent arrests of human rights activists in Egypt, said:

“We are deeply concerned by the recent arrests of human rights campaigners, including those from the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR). Their arbitrary detention represents an attack on Egyptian civil society and is particularly troubling given there apparent connection to a recent meeting with European ambassadors. It is entirely unacceptable for campaigners to face such intimidation and mistreatment for engaging in dialogue with diplomats.

“These actions mark a disturbing escalation in the Egyptian Government’s crackdown on the work of NGOs campaigning for human rights in the country. The Egyptian people have the right to exercise freedom of expression and assembly, and deserve a government which respects and upholds those rights.

“We urge the Egyptian authorities to immediately release Mohamed Basheer, Karim Ennarah, Gasser Abdel-Razek and all those being detained without just cause, and to bring about an end to the broader repression of civil society in the country. The UK government must continue to raise these issues directly with Egyptian counterparts and work with diplomatic partners to pressure the Egyptian government to change course.”