Thursday 16 December 2021 / 5:09 PM Coronavirus / Culture / Economy / Lucy Powell

Lucy Powell comments on impact of Government’s mixed messaging

Lucy Powell MP, Labour’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Secretary, commenting on the rise in Covid cases and the impact of the Government’s mixed messaging on cultural venues and events, said:

“December is the golden month for our theatres, especially those in towns and regional centres with pantomimes, music venues, and other events like Christmas markets and shows.

“It’s now clear their season is falling off a cliff with loss of demand and staff and performers off with Covid. They urgently need some leadership from Government.

“Our vital culture sector needs Ministers to bring together a plan to support them by the end of today that matches the situation they are facing including clarity of message to help confidence and an insurance scheme that is fit for purpose. They aren’t getting leadership but heads in sand.”