Wednesday 2 September 2020 / 9:15 AM Coronavirus / Rachel Reeves

Prime Minister not meeting grieving families hits a new low – Rachel Reeves

Rachel Reeves MP, Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, responding to reports that the Prime Minister has declined to meet with campaigners who represent families that have lost loved ones to the coronavirus, said:

“These revelations that bereaved families had to write to Boris Johnson five times asking to meet him – for him to privately go back on his public word and refuse are astounding, and upsetting for so many whose families and lives have been impacted by COVID in this way.

“41,504 people have tragically lost their lives to this virus. The very least the Prime Minister could do is respond truthfully to their families, and have the heart to meet some of them and their representatives.”

“The Prime Minister has been going back on his word all summer – but to not even meet with grieving families hits a new low.”