Sunday 18 March 2018 / 3:31 PM Business / Economy / Foreign Policy / John McDonnell / Jon Trickett

“Serious questions” over Tory “Russian linked donations” – Trickett

Jon Trickett MP, Shadow Cabinet Office minister, following Boris Johnson’s appearance on the Andrew Marr Show, said:


“The Tories have serious questions to answer about where their party gets its money. Boris Johnson has confirmed for the first time he played the tennis match paid as a £160,000 donation to the Conservative Party by the wife of a former minister in Putin’s government. He admitted that some Russian oligarchs in the UK “may have obtained their money by corruption”.


“We know the Tories have taken more than £3 million in Russian linked donations since 2010, including £800,000 under Theresa May’s leadership, but we don’t know the nature of all those funds. The Tories also drew positive comments from the Russian Embassy during last year’s general election.


“The Conservative Party can’t remain silent any longer, the public have a right to know what checks if any they made to establish the source of all the wealth amassed by their donors. To put to rest public concerns about the nature of Russian money given to the Tories, we need this information put into the public domain.”





Notes to editors


The Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, has called on the Government to introduce five measures, including the “Oligarch Levy”, to strengthen the UK’s hand in imposing effective sanctions on Russia and breaking up secretive offshore financial networks used by foreign oligarchs.


Labour’s five-point plan to take on the oligarchs:


  1. “Oligarch Levy” to tax secret offshore purchases of UK residential property
  2. Extend the beneficial ownership register for Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories and Public Register of all trusts
  3. Tighten “Politically Exposed Person” regime
  4. Enforce Unexplained Wealth Orders to confiscate illegally-obtained wealth
  5. “Magnitsky Clause” in full to apply sanctions against human rights abusers.


On receiving a donation of £160,000 from the wife of a Russian with close links to Vladimir Putin to play a game of tennis with Boris Johnson, Mr Johnson was dismissive saying: “That is a matter for the authorities. It’s not a matter for me.”


Tweet from Russian Embassy 19 May 2017: Strong & stable government for our transformative time + end of ideology – a welcome convergence/fusion across Euro-Atlantic.