Saturday 25 August 2018 / 12:01 AM Sharon Hodgson

Sharon Hodgson responds to use of early medical abortion pills

Sharon Hodgson MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Public Health, responding to the Government’s intention to approve the home use of early medical abortion pills, said:

“Making this change to the regulations governing abortion in England is the right thing to do. The World Health Organisation says the home use of misoprostol is safe and, given a choice, many women who have opted for early medical abortion would prefer to complete this process at home rather than remain in a clinical setting.

“It is unacceptable that women have been left in agony in public because they have to take the pills outside of their home. This change will remove a considerable amount of stress and upset every year for thousands of women who have made the often difficult decision to have an abortion.

“If women in Norway, France and now Scotland can take this drug at home, not in a clinical setting, with careful safeguards and support in place it is important and right that the Government should afford the same facility to women in England.”