Thursday 6 February 2020 / 5:02 PM The Latest from Labour

Tories are condoning Daniel Kawczynski decision to share platform with fascists – Andrew Gwynne

Andrew Gwynne MP, Labour’s Shadow Communities Secretary, commenting on the Conservative Party’s refusal to suspend Daniel Kawczynski MP, said:

“In refusing to suspend Daniel Kawczynski, the Conservatives are condoning his decision to stand shoulder to shoulder with fascists and legitimising the islamophobia, antisemitism and homophobia they promote.

“Only three days ago Kawczynski described those, such as Muslim and Jewish groups, who called on him not to attend the Conference as ‘hysterical’, and he has not made any public apology for sharing a platform with fascists.

“Boris Johnson has once again broken his promise that those who do this sort of thing are ‘out first bounce’, which is no surprise given his own racist comments, which risk emboldening the extreme far right in our country.”