Friday 8 November 2019 / 7:53 AM Diane Abbott / Immigration

Tories are tying themselves in knots over immigration – Diane Abbott

Diane Abbott, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, responding to Boris Johnson’s announcement on visas to attract doctors and nurses to the NHS, said:

“The Tories are tying themselves in knots over immigration. They use dog whistle anti-migrant rhetoric but are forced to accept we need migrant workers for key sectors, not just the NHS, but many more besides.

“This policy is full of holes, with nothing to say about the nurses earning below their income threshold, as well as all the cooks, cleaners, hospital porters and others who are vital to hospitals, and nothing at all about their right to bring family members here.

“Labour’s immigration policy is rational and fair and will prioritise attracting the people we need, and treat them as human beings.”