Wednesday 18 August 2021 / 4:22 PM Early Years / Tulip Siddiq / Youth

Tulip Siddiq responds to 10% fall in referrals to children’s services

Tulip Siddiq MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Children and Early Years, responding to Government data showing referrals to children’s services are approximately 10% lower than the three-year average since May 2020, said:

“Under the Conservatives, vulnerable children are slipping through the cracks with fewer and fewer being referred for help as the Government failed to control the spread of Covid. Urgent action is needed to reach out to these children and ensure that they can access the support they need.

“This pressure has been exacerbated by a decade of Conservative cuts which have decimated children’s services that stop problems escalating into crises. Combined with the false economy of Conservative cuts to youth services, vulnerable young people are being left at risk of harm with no safety net.

“Labour is committed to putting children at the heart of our recovery, ensuring vulnerable children get the protection and support they need.”