Complaint submitted

Thank you for submitting this complaint and raising this matter with us. A copy of your complaint has been sent to the e-mail address you have provided. If you have not received our automated acknowledgement email soon after making your submission, please contact [email protected] for more information.

Regarding next steps, your complaint will be passed to the relevant Labour Party staff team depending upon it’s content, for consideration in line with our rules and procedures. If it is regarding the conduct of an individual member, it will be passed to the Disputes Team for investigation. Following that, the case will be considered by a Disputes Panel of the National Executive Committee who will have a range of potential sanctions available to them, the most serious of which is a referral to the National Constitutional Committee with a recommendation of expulsion.

As our complaints procedures are confidential and we must uphold our legal obligations on data protection, we are unable to provide specific updates on cases to third parties. However, if you are a victim of this complaint or directly involved in it, then we will keep in contact with you as the case progresses. Please be aware that due to the number of cases we handle, we will not always be able to be in regular contact. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

If you or someone else is at immediate risk of harm or needs medical assistance please contact the emergency services by telephoning 999. You can also contact the following organisations for advice and support:

  • Adults and young people can contact the Samaritans for support. They are available twenty four hours a day by telephoning 116 123. All calls are free;
  • Concern about a child or young person – The NSPCC helpline can be contacted for advice and guidance. The helpline is available twenty-four hours a day by telephoning 0808 800 5000;
  • Concern about an adult at risk – You should contact the Local Authority Services for Adult Social Care. Use the website to find the Local Authority Services for your area.

To keep in contact about this complaint, please e-mail [email protected].