Doorstep Campaigning Resources

On this page for organisers, candidates and local campaign leaders, you’ll find resources for your doorstep campaigning.

You can generate quick and easy to use Voter ID sheets to run door-knocking and record the information you get through Contact Creator. If you want to use a smartphone, you and your door-knockers can record the information via our Doorstep App. Local members can also get involved in phone canvassing from their own home using DialogueInsight allows you to make sense of the data and run a well-targeted data driven campaign.

Here you can find briefings and guides for campaigners organising and leading doorstep campaign sessions, from using Contact Creator and the Doorstep App to tips on making your sessions effective and safe.

A cunning plan to win – our top doorstep tips

Use the video below to reinforce our tips for good doorstep conversations with your volunteers.

How to do Boardunning with Siobhán McSweeney

This video highlights some top tips for leading the team on a doorstep campaign session.