FAQ – Boundary Review 2023 and CLP Reorganisation

Final proposals for England, Scotland, and Wales have now been published and the Party has written to CLPs to advise them of next steps.

Final proposals were published in July 2023 and will soon come into effect. It is therefore very likely that any General Election will now take place on the basis of the new boundaries.

The Party will move to new boundaries following Annual Conference 2023. This means CLP delegations to Annual Conference 2023 will be on the basis of current boundaries. In Scotland CLPs are already organised on the basis of Holyrood constituencies meaning there will be no change.

CLP delegates for Annual Conference 2023 will be on the basis of current CLP boundaries.

The Party has now written to CLPs advising them of relevant next steps. In many cases there will be no, or only minimal, changes to boundaries and such CLPs will not need to take any actions.

Procedure were agreed by the NEC (WEC in Wales) earlier this year, and all incumbent Labour MPs were asked to indicate their preferences as to which seat over which they had a claim they wished to contest. MPs were then assigned to seats, and processes have now concluded in most cases. Unlike previous attempted boundary reviews in recent years there will be no overall reduction in the number of seats. The Party therefore expects that any sitting Labour MP who wishes to restand will have seat to contest.

Care has been taken to select in seats that are unlikely to change significantly as a result of the boundary review. Any disruption to selected candidates will likely be minimal.

The indicative timetable below sets out likely key dates for the process of reorganising CLPs.

Date Events
May 2023 (following local elections)
  • Letter to CLPs outlining the process of reorganisation
  • Claims of MPs and candidates on successor seats resolved
From July 2023
  • Technical transition work underway (Labour People, Contact Creator, etc.)
  • Interim officers appointed to oversee establishment of new branches and committees
1 Sept 2023
  • Relevent date for transfer of membership
11 Oct 2023 (at the close of Annual Conference)
  • Current CLPs abolished
12 Oct 2023
  • New CLPs established
By Dec 2023
  • CLP reorganisation completed:
    • AGMs take place
    • New officers appointed
    • Letter to CLP Treasurers outlining details of financial adjustments (payments made over year)
  • Selections in any new Labour or marginal constituencies completed