Labour WordPress Network

The Labour WordPress network is a service to support constituency parties, elected representatives and candidates in creating their own websites.

The service is free and runs on the world’s most popular website creation platform, WordPress. We provide free site hosting, with all sites using a flexible Labour-branded theme.

The service links in with a growing number of other Labour platforms, including displaying local campaigning events, showing a feed of Parliamentary appearances for MPs/MSPs and collecting donations for CLPs.

Highly configurable design

Labour WordPress template example

A range of Labour-specific functions

Wordpress features

So as to provide a simple and secure way to operate a basic website, various elements of all sites are fixed to using a standard pattern – a common Labour-branded theme, a choice of the most useful plug-ins and easy to use content blocks. This does mean certain advanced functions that you could create using a fully independent website are not possible, but we believe the Labour WordPress Network provides the best way for the overwhelming majority of party units and representatives to create and maintain a website without needing to worry about configuring the software, carrying out updates or designing a Labour-branded template.

If there are features you feel should be added in the future, please do let us know using the feedback form below.

Site Application

To apply for your site on the Labour WordPress Network please complete the form below. We’ll be in touch with any queries or to confirm once your site has been created.


Please share your thoughts on the functions of the Labour WordPress Network. You can also email us on [email protected]

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