Labour’s Leadership Code of Conduct 

This new Code of Conduct: Leadership is aimed at all elected members of the Labour Party, including MPs, Peers, Councillors, MSPs, Assembly Members, the NCC and the NEC, as well as Chairs and Secretaries of CLPs, and encourages those members to take an active role in promoting and robustly supporting the newly enhanced Code of Conduct: Member’s Pledge in accordance with Labour Party rules. 

The Labour Party’s Code of Conduct: Member’s Pledge has been strengthened to remind members to treat those they encounter with respect and courtesy whether in person or on social media. Leaders, in line with their role, have a particular responsibility to act appropriately and proportionately when engaging online.

As an elected representative and senior member of the Labour Party, you will already be aware of this requirement, and as a leader, you will be conscious of your responsibility to set the right tone in all public and Labour Party activity.

Labour Party leaders play a significant role in leading by example and demonstrating the value of tolerance towards the views of others – even when not agreeing – whilst encouraging constructive debate.

Nobody in the Labour Party should be engaging in conduct that brings the Labour Party into disrepute or which undermines the Labour Party’s ability to campaign against any form of racism, including (but not limited to) antisemitism, Islamophobia, Afrophobia and anti-Black racism, as well as, disablism or discrimination based on sex or sexual orientation.

Please ensure those around you in the Labour Party are aware of the enhanced Code of Conduct: Member’s Pledge, and please encourage conversation and debate about it. 

Everyone, but particularly our leaders, have a role to play in making the Labour Party an inclusive and positive place for all members and non-members alike. You will see below a message from the Leader, General Secretary and Chair of the NEC endorsing this approach and raising the expectation that all leaders have a role to play in ensuring the drive for respect and courtesy is successful.