Role description: CLP Political Education & Training Officer

CLP Political Education & Training Officer

As Political Education & Training Officer, it is your responsibility to offer members opportunities for political education, through interesting, informative and dynamic political discussions, and training, through dedicated online and in-person events or by signposting national resources.

It is your job, working closely with your CLP Policy Officer and other members of your EC, to help members to engage with Labour Party policy, and ensure that the campaigning work of the constituency reaches out and informs the wider community about Labour’s message and the importance of participation in politics.

Working with the Vice-Chair Campaigns & Membership, your job is to ensure our members and activists have the skills and tools they need to get involved, to speak to voters and to run successful election and community campaigns.

This role suits someone with an active interest in various aspects of politics and campaigns, a sound knowledge of current Labour Party policies, procedures and the Party’s history, good organisational, presentational and communication skills, and a commitment to empowering people through political education and learning.

A strong CLP Political Education & Training Officer will help to provide a programme of relevant, interesting political education and training events and activities throughout the year. These events may be co-ordinated with CLP meetings, branch meetings, fundraising and/or campaigning activities, or have a purely educational purpose.

Key Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Organise and facilitate regular political education and training events and discussions.
  • Secure guest speakers (both from within and outside of the Party) to help inform policy debate.
  • Keep yourself and others informed about current party policies, campaigns, training programmes, procedures and strategies, as well as wider political matters.
  • Publicise political education and training activities and events within the CLP and work with neighbouring CLPs to develop a programme local members will be interested in.
  • Encourage take up of training opportunities within your CLP, raising awareness of face-to-face and online training organised by the national party and regions such as regional conferences, webinars and the e-Learning platform, Achieve.


This role is varied and exciting, requiring dedication, and you can make a real difference to your CLP and the wider Party through this position. You should ensure you’re working with members in your CLP to help provide the sort of activities that local members want to see.

At the heart of your activity should be the aim of delivering a rich programme of effective political education and training throughout the year, working closely with your fellow CLP Officers. This will help to empower members, supporters and the wider community with the up-to-date tools and accurate knowledge needed to become politically informed, skilled and active, as well as ensuring that everyone gets the most out of their membership.

The sorts of events, activities and features that work well include talks from high-profile guest speakers, consultation meetings, panel discussions, dedicated political education sections in your CLP newsletter, frequent educational posts on social media, and interactive workshops. It is also essential that you ensure that CLP and branch meetings have time dedicated to training, policy discussion and development.

By keeping members informed about current Labour Party policies and current political issues, you can assist in developing campaign materials and building people’s confidence when campaigning for the Party. By running relevant and engaging training events, you will give our members the skills to take part in successful campaigns and be successful candidates. As Political Education & Training Officer, it is part of your role to pro-actively make contact with experts, organisations and campaigns, locally and nationally (and even internationally!), to help fill your CLP calendar with inspiring and informative political education events.

Useful links and contacts

There are many other contacts and resources to assist you in your role. Keep up to date with our latest campaigns, find out more about Campaign Technology team, find resources for role holders and check our online training offer at You can also purchase and download membership recruitment and campaign materials from the Campaign Shop.

For useful guides and resources on membership engagement and how to use Organise to full effect, visit, and if you need support or advice, you can contact your national or regional office. Training resources are available at