Internal Ballot FAQs

Young Labour National Committee and National Labour Students Committee

The following Frequently Asked Questions should help members wishing to vote in the ongoing ballots for the YLNC and NLSC taking place this spring.

Why haven’t I received my ballot for the NEC and NPF?

This years ballots are split into two. The ballot for the Young Labour National Committee and the National Labour Students Committee are taking place this spring whilst all other ballots including the NEC, NPF and Treasuer are taking place over the summer. Nominations close for these at 12 noon on the 28th June 2024

How did the nominations process work? 

For the Young Labour National Committee, Young Labour Branches, or CLPs where a Young Labour Branch was not in existence and the National Committee of Labour Students were made by individual verified student members of the Labour Party, had until 23 February to submit nominations. 

Further details on the nominations process for these elections is available here

Which positions can I vote for? 

Members who were under the age of 27 as of 23 February 2024 will be eligible to vote for the Young Labour National Committee.  Student members who verified their student status by 23 February 2024 will also be able to vote in the elections to the National Committee of Labour Students. 

Black Asian Minority Ethnic and Disabled Members who had self-identified as such by 23 February 2024 will be eligible to vote for relevant positions on both committees

Please note that the Labour Party does not hold LGBT+ data for its members.  Only those who self-identify as such should participate in the elections for LGBT+ and Trans representatives to the Young Labour National Committee and the National Committee of Labour Students. 

Can I see which candidate was nominated by my CLP or Young Labour Branch? 

A full list of nominations for all the positions being contested can be found on the nominations page on the Labour Party website

How will I spot the ballot email? 

The email will come from “The Labour Party”, [email protected] with the subject “Your Ballot – Labour Party elections”. 

What if I haven’t received the ballot email? 

  1. Add [email protected] as a safe sender. 
  1. Check your junk and/or spam folder. 
  1. Check that you have the right email address registered to your membership. 
  1. Check that only you are the only person whose membership is registered to that email. 
  1. Visit the Reissue Portal for Young Labour and National Labour Student Committee.
  1. If you have already used the link above and still cannot locate your ballot, please contact the Membership Team by completing a contact form here. [] 

What if I’ve voted online but still receive a postal ballot? 

Your vote has already been counted. You do not need to return the postal ballot.  Voting online saves the Party money which can be used to fight elections. 

Can I post a picture of my ballot paper online? 

To ensure the integrity of the ballot and the security of your details, we strongly advise you do not do this. Each ballot contains codes which are unique to you and can only be used once. By putting these online you risk someone else using your vote. 

In addition, secret ballots are an important principle of free and fair elections.  It is therefore not helpful to normalise waiving of the secrecy of the ballot by posting pictures of your completed ballot paper. 

I’m on holiday, will I miss out? 

If you have given us a unique email address previously, you will have received voting information electronically and you will be able to vote online as long as you can access your email. You have until noon on Friday 5 April to vote. We will also send a number of reminder emails if you are yet to cast your vote. If you have not given us a unique email address and receive a paper ballot, you can still vote online and save the party money by following the instructions in your postal ballot pack. 

I self-identify as BAME/disabled why have I not received a ballot for these positions? 

Only members who informed the party that they self-identify as BAME or disabled by 23 February 2024 will receive ballots for these positions. 

Why isn’t there a ballot for X position? 

The Young Labour London Representative, Young Labour Scotland Representative, Young Labour South East Representative, Young Labour West Midlands Representative and the Young Labour Welsh Representative have all been elected unopposed. To see who has been elected to these positions please visit the Internal Ballot nomination page.

Ballot Timetable

Ballot distribution beginsFriday 15 March 2024
Reissue requests openWednesday 20 March 2024
Deadline to request postal reissuesFriday 29 March 2024
Deadline for email reissues12 noon, Wednesday 3 April 2024
Close of ballot12 noon, Friday 5 April 2024