Keir Starmer statement on UN Security Council approving a resolution on Gaza

I welcome today’s vote at the United Nations Security Council. The horrors of recent months have been intolerable. This resolution describes how we must work for a sustained ceasefire. The next humanitarian truce is urgent, and in the space it brings, intense diplomacy should begin to set new terms under which fighting does not restart and the risk of escalation is reduced.

Hamas must release all the remaining hostages, end all attacks on Israel and have no role in the future governance of Gaza. Israel must agree to end its bombing campaign, allow a humanitarian surge into Gaza, and end settler violence and displacement in the West Bank.

A sustained ceasefire is necessary, but not sufficient, for long term peace. Over recent weeks, I’ve been in discussion with leaders from Europe, America and the Middle East, including Israel and Palestine. There have been no serious peace talks in more than a decade. That’s why there must be a new political process that has the capacity, conviction and commitment to turn the rhetoric around two states living side by side in peace into reality.

The next Labour government will be dedicated to working towards this. The international community must be spurred into action rather than shy away from the challenge. The future of Israelis and Palestinians depends on it.