Keir Starmer’s New Year message 2024

On behalf of the Labour Party, I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year. 

And I hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well.

2023 has been a year of pride and achievement.

For the Lionesses – yet again – so close to doing an unprecedented double. 

And of course a year when our country stepped into a new era.

With a new King – King Charles III – crowned in the spring. 

It has also, for millions of people, been another tough year economically.  

And, beyond our shores, a time of great insecurity.

With war still raging in Ukraine.

And enormous suffering in Israel and Gaza. 

In the Labour Party we will do everything we can in 2024 to push for a political solution to that conflict.

A secure Israel alongside a viable Palestinian state.

A hope that maybe fragile, but that must be kept alive. 

Because there is always power in that word – hope.

It is the fuel of change.

The oxygen of a better future. 

And this year, in Britain, the power to shape the future of our country will rest in your hands.  

In the Labour Party – we’ve been building to this for four years.  

We’re confident we have a plan that will move our country forward.

End the cost-of-living crisis.

Take back our streets.

Get the NHS back on its feet.

Cheaper energy bills for your home.

More opportunities for your children. 

But most of all – I’m ready to renew our politics so it once again serves our country. 

I know that politics isn’t held in particularly high regard in Britain.

But I have spent four years bringing the Labour Party back to service.

And in 2024 – we can do the same for politics.

So wherever you are, however you are celebrating: Happy New Year. 

Let’s make sure this is the year where together, we get Britain’s future back.