Labour reveals first of industrial strategy sector deals with plan for the automotive industry to create 80,000 jobs

Labour has announced a sector deal for the automotive industry as part of their modern industrial strategy which will give British industry its future back.

The party’s comprehensive plan, drafted in partnership with industry, addresses issues at every stage of production, from securing resilient supply chains and a skilled workforce, to supporting British manufacturing, to removing the barriers for consumers to transition and increase demand for electric vehicles.

The sector deal will secure British automotive manufacturing for decades to come, generating two million electric cars and creating 80,000 high skilled jobs. This will be first of several plans for sectors key to achieving the party’s missions to deliver the highest sustained growth in the G7.

Labour’s plans will also be a much welcome boost for motorists wishing to make the switch to cheaper to run electric vehicles in a cost of living crisis. The plan will ensure access to charging points and introduce new clear battery stickers to help consumers understand real life range and battery health when they buy second hand electric vehicles.

Labour’s auto strategy will deliver:

  • New battery factories with priority planning permission to get spades in the ground
  • Support colleges to specialise in technical skills needed to build electric vehicles  
  • Provide ten year funding cycles for automotive R&D, to match that given to aerospace
  • Set binding targets and redirect funding to ensure reliable charging coverage in every part of the UK
  • Introduce clear battery stickers on new electric vehicles giving customers real life range times
  • Standardised battery health tests so customers can buy second hand electric vehicles with confidence
  • Quality standards on data on charging apps to bring all the information needed together in one place
  • Push government to work with European partners secure a delay on the Rules of Origin requirements
  • Secure critical mineral partnerships with ally countries
  • Tackle uncompetitive energy prices through our mission to make the UK a clean energy superpower delivering a cheaper, zero-carbon electricity system by 2030.

Jonathan Reynolds MP, Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary, said:

“Growing up in the shadow of the Nissan plant in Sunderland I know the impact good manufacturing jobs have for communities. Every family deserves the chance to have an affordable, reliable car in their driveway. Labour knows the value of vehicles to our economy and society – that’s why we have a plan to drive the British automotive industry confidently into the future.

“Battery factories on our shores, reliable charging networks in every part of the country, secure supply chains, increased consumer demand and 80,000 more high skilled jobs. Labour has a plan to give British industry it’s future back.”



Read Labour’s automotive strategy in full here: