Labour will hardwire the voice of small business into Government

The Labour Party will today [Sunday 8 October] host its first Small Business Sunday at annual conference in Liverpool – with a promise that the voice of small business will be “integral to a Labour government”.

The event – which has attracted hundreds of small businesses from across the country, as well as the Federation of Small Businesses and British Chambers of Commerce – is a further demonstration of the party’s commitment to SME growth. The day promises to be a celebration of the contribution of small businesses and allow their voice to be at the heart of the party’s mission to for the UK to have the highest growth in the G7.

Labour has previously set out ambitious plans to support small businesses, including:

  • replacing business rates with a system for the 21st century;
  • action to tackle the scourge of late payments;
  • creating a level playing field for smaller firms to access public contracts.

Today’s event will also discuss a host of other policy issues, ranging from exports and skills to planning and access to finance.

This year’s Conference will also boost local businesses in Liverpool. For the first time it will ensure that procurement measures boost social enterprises, such as Homebaked in Anfield, a local bakery that reinvests in community projects.  

Opening the event, Shadow Business Secretary Jonathan Reynolds will pledge to bring the voice of small businesses to the heart of Government decision making.

Jonathan Reynolds MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Business and Trade, is expected to say:

“Labour knows the value of small businesses, who are not just the lifeblood of our communities but essential to our economic success. Listening to the voice of small business is integral if the next Labour Government is to succeed. That is why Labour will ensure small business is represented on the Industrial Strategy council.  

“With Labour, small businesses will get the firm economic foundation they need to thrive, with action to tackle late payments, business rates reform and make it easier for small businesses to win public contracts.” 

Tina McKenzie, Policy Chair, Federation of Small Businesses said:

“Labour is right to put small businesses at the heart of decision making – with small businesses and Government working hand in hand, we can ensure a prosperous future for the UK.

“Tackling late payment and business rates is exactly what small businesses are looking for – while opening up public procurement will see Government itself benefit from the talents of all those working in small businesses across the country.”