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National Policy Forum

Candidate Statments

NPF Candidate Statements

Below you will find the statements submitted by members who wish to stand for the National Policy Forum. For clarity, being listed below is NOT a requirement of being nominated and your nominating organisation is free to nominate anyone who meets the eligibility criteria.

NPF CLP Representatives (Div I)

55 positions elected, five shall be elected from Scotland, Wales and the English Regions. One shall be reserved for a Young Labour member with two of the remaining four reserved for women.

East Midlands

Neghat Nawaz Khan


Candidate Statement

Born and raised in a diverse and socially deprived area of Nottingham, single mother of a young boy, I’m a Nottingham City Councillor for over eight years and member of the Executive for over six. The first female British Pakistani Councillor in Nottingham, I fought hard to keep libraries open, protecting services against Tory austerity. I joined the Labour Party to make a difference, my dad’s life as a miner at Gedling colliery, the battles he faced shaping me and my understanding that a better life is possible. That’s what the Labour Party is about creating a better life for everyone. My experience as a woman of colour working with diverse communities will help shape a more inclusive voice within the National Policy Forum, winning back trust and engaging further with our BAME communities. I’ve held numerous positions in my CLP including Women’s officer, Equalities officer and Vice-Chair. I’m also Chair of Nottingham Muslim Women’s Network. I will hit the ground running to ensure our NPF is inclusive and representative of our communities, providing detailed reports back to CLPs and attending meetings across the region. I would also encourage you to support Nicolle Ndiweni, Nathan Oswin & Rory Palmer.


Nicolle Ndiweni

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

My parents did everything in their power to give my siblings and I opportunities they never had. Just like my parents, many people in our region are working hard for their families, but I fear my generation won’t be able to do this for our children under a Tory government.
We need stability, investment and the opportunity for a decent life for our families and communities.
Our generation need honest politics and a Labour government with clear policies that transform lives for the better. We can show what a Labour alternative looks like through our policies.
Dedicated to upholding our party values, if elected to the NPF, I will be committed, ensuring I listen to your views, be your voice and report back to CLPs.
I’m a former councillor, cabinet member and MEP candidate, women’s officer, membership officer and vice chair, currently representing women on the East Midlands regional Executive.
Years of campaigning across our region show that in all this chaos and division our unifying message needs to be clear, restore confidence and remind constituents that Labour is their best option for a better Britain.
I would also encourage you to support Nathan Oswin, Neghat Khan and Rory Palmer.


Nathan Oswin


Candidate Statement

Labour must win the next election. Our communities have already faced over a decade of Tory cuts. I hate the fact my son will start his school life under a Tory led administration and I’ll work with anyone I can to make sure Labour is back where we belong, in Government, making our communities lives better. Without winning back the East Midlands we can’t win back the country and put Keir Starmer into Downing Street to change our communities lives for the better and it’s you who know best the principled but practical policies are neighbours want to see. My whole career has been built on empowering others, whether Trade Union members, those who lost loved ones to Covid or Stroke Survivors I’ve made their voice heard and I’ll do the same for Labour members across the East Midlands. I will provide detailed report backs to CLPs and will attend meetings across the region. Please lend me your vote and I’ll put the same dedication forward to the NPF as the award winning TULO marginal seat campaign days that visited all our marginal seats. As well as myself I will be voting for Neghat Khan, Nicolle Ndiweni and Rory Palmer.

Rory Palmer

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

Labour must be election-ready and Government-ready.
Our country needs a Labour Government, led by Keir Starmer.
All our efforts should be focussed on that goal.
Winning elections is how we change lives.

With nine years experience as a National Policy Forum rep (as a regional rep & as a Member of the European Parliament) I am well placed to ensure the views of East Midlands’ CLPs, trade unions and affiliates are heard throughout this policy-making cycle.

In previous NPF cycles I led negotiations with Shadow Ministers on social housing policy, ensuring a strengthened manifesto position. I worked on key policies including the Living Wage, free school meals, legal aid and I led discussions on the need for more local control of bus services.

I will provide detailed report backs to CLPs and will attend meetings across the region, as I did previously; ensuring an active link between members and the NPF.

Please consider supporting me: I bring significant experience, a commitment to ensuring the National Policy Forum’s work is accessible and an unrelenting focus on doing all I can to get Labour winning again.

I would also encourage you to support Neghat Khan, Nicolle Ndiweni and Nathan Oswin.

Youth Representative – East Midlands

Jess McGuire

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

Labour needs to be election-ready and that all starts with creating strong policies, policies that matter to people and that make a difference to peoples lives.
I have been a trade union rep since I started work at the age of 18 and currently stand on various regional and national committees, including the regional Labour-Link forum and Chair of UNISON’s National Young Members’ Forum where I recently Chaired the first ever young members conference in UNISON’s history. I have seen first hand how important our trade union links are with the Labour Party and how important it is for the Labour Party to create policies to not only protect people at work but also strengthen their rights at work.
I was also proud to stand as the first ever Labour candidate in a district council election where I live, standing in a by-election in my home village of Nettleham and gaining 10% of the vote for Labour, a good achievement in a Conservative-Lib/Dem stronghold.
I will attend meetings and always report back to CLP’s ensuring that the views of young members in the East Midlands are heard and will always be contactable.
I hope you will consider supporting me



Bodrul Amin

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

We need diverse voices on the NPF and I come from a diverse background; British-Bangladeshi, teacher, lawyer, trade unionist. This diverse background has helped me to understand and appreciate the problems that people face.
I am a grassroots activist who is into politics not for the prestige and power, but to fight for the simple belief that a better world is possible. I will be a candidate who believes in and fights for Labour Party democracy. I will be a true representative: listening to members and standing with clear moral, socialist principles about helping our party win the next general election, in order to rebalance power and wealth in favour of working people.
I joined the party in 1997 and have served the party in a number of different roles, including chair of my local CLP. As a teacher, NEU activist, BMA employment adviser and trade union lawyer, I have spent my working life helping people and fighting for rights at work.
As an NPF representative, I will fight for:
-a review of the party structure to ensure that the party is reflective of BAME voters.
-an internationalist party that will speak out against human rights abuses around the world.
-a strong voice against racism, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism.


Russell Cartwright

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

As a sitting member of the National Policy Forum, I am seeking CLP nominations to the NPF for re-election this year. I have been a member of the Economy Business and Trade Policy Commission.
For Labour to achieve power, we need to distance ourselves from the disastrous neo-liberal policies inflicted on working people over the past four decades. One of the lessons of the pandemic has been that we need good public services with a progressive economic policy to fund them.
The socialist solutions of full employment, a guarantee of secure homes, security at work, a fully-funded NHS and a national education service are aims we will all share. Integrating social care with health care is a necessary and long-awaited objective.
I have been a CLP secretary for most of the time since 1990, and a former vice-chair of the Region as well as holding other posts in the Party. In Unite, I am a member of its National Political Committee and also a member of the Co-op Party.
Please also nominate my Grassroots comrades – Rachel Garnham, Juliet Miller, Shahid Nadeem and Saffron Anderton (youth). The closing date is 13 June.


Rachel Garnham

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I am an experienced, committed activist with five years’ experience on the National Policy Forum and twenty years of holding positions within the Labour Party, including nearly three years on Labour’s National Executive Committee.
Labour needs a policy programme that takes the fight to the Tories; seriously addressing the ongoing health, cost of living and climate crises; and energising members and voters to win elections.
This means:
•Much stronger opposition to the Tories’ callous approach to the ongoing pandemic, addressing increasing inequality and the disproportionate impact on women, BAME and disabled people.
•An economic programme as outlined in the 2017/2019 manifestos with investment and public ownership, opposing NHS privatisation and school academisation, engaging young members and voters on the serious housing, education and jobs issues they face.
•An internationalist approach based on promoting peace and justice, opposition to war and nuclear weapons.
This is the platform I would continue to fight for on the National Policy Forum if elected, alongside working towards a more democratic, transparent and inclusive policy-making process, recognising the sovereignty of annual conference and importance of the trade union link.
UCU activist. Member: Co-operative Party, Socialist Educational Association, Socialist Health Association.
Please also support other grassroots candidates.


Richard Howitt

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

As former Member of the European Parliament for the East of England, I worked as a member of the National Policy Forum on behalf of MEPs and ask for your support to represent our region in the next NPF, to help develop the policy platform for election victories and for Labour in Government.
I would seek to be a ‘voice for the members’, reporting back and consulting openly on the NPF’s activities and seeking to engage members wherever I can. I am committed to representing our whole region, connecting with old and new friends across our CLPs.
Now a Cambridgeshire County councillor and formerly Leader of Harlow Council, I would champion the role of local government. As a former member of Labour’s International Policy Commission, I would argue for peace, human rights and international development. My work is on environmental sustainability and I would hope to help shape Labour’s programme to meet the climate emergency. I will always press for policies which combat all discrimination, advance trade union and worker rights and strong public services.
I believe in a broad church Labour Party in which the Tories are the true enemy. Boris may party – but we are the Party!


Alex Mayer

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I love the East of England and want it to be the best it can be. But we are being held back by mean-spirited and incompetent Tories. We desperately need a Labour Government. To achieve that we must win back seats across the region. That needs a brilliant Labour manifesto which draws on the expertise of you – our members.

If elected to the National Policy Forum I’ll be a strong voice for the East of England. We have five excellent Labour MPs but with no regional representation in the Shadow Cabinet sometimes it is hard for our voices to be heard. I firmly believe that listening carefully to members across the East will help us win.

I want to develop a strong regional policy, see more involvement for you in policy making, increase transparency and keep our eyes set on the prize of power.

I’ve been a Labour activist for 20 years, campaigning in every CLP across our brilliant region. I’m a proud trade unionist. I’m experienced at policy making and proudly served as your MEP. I’ve negotiated at the UN on animal welfare legislation and helped change Labour’s policy on Lords Reform.

Together let’s write a winning manifesto.


Juliet Miller

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I have been an activist for most of my life: collecting for striking miners in the 80s, demos and marches as a student, and copious letters to MPs, but it wasn’t until 2016 that, like many of us, I was inspired to take a role in the Party.
I was Women’s Officer for a year before taking on the CLP Chair role for 3 years. During this time, I was determined to make sure our members were involved in deciding the policy they were expected to campaign for.
I arranged policy forums and local conferences with breakout sessions where members discussed policy ideas and made submissions to the central party.
The last local conference under my watch, on our Green New Deal, was the most ambitious and pulled in local members as well as from surrounding CLPs (Barry Gardiner and Ann Pettifor were among the speakers).
I have recently been elected Assistant Secretary for my Unite Branch where I am focussing on increasing membership engagement, including wrangling tech for hybrid meetings.
As NPF rep I will write regular reports.
Please also support the other grassroots candidates: Saffron Anderton, Russell Cartwright, Rachel Garnham, and Shahid Nadeem.
Twitter: @Juliet4EastLeft


Shahid Nadeem

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I am CLP Secretary, a member of Unite the Union and the Society of Labour Lawyers, which provides legal and policy advice to the Labour Party. If elected to the NPF, I will be a strong voice for the East of England for developing a strong regional policy. I will encourage more involvement for party members so they can play a part in shaping Labour policy by sharing their ideas in a submission for Labour’s policy-making process.
I intend to attend all NPF meetings and raise the issues important to members. I will behave transparently and report back to members as party members deserve feedback on policy submissions.
I will support regional engagement and want to play my role to encourage all Party organisations to promote their participation in the campaigning and policymaking activities and make sure we have a firm regional policy to help us to elect more representatives.
I will use my experience and analytical skills, developed as a human rights lawyer, to make a useful contribution to a diverse NPF, and I hope that members will recognise me as someone who is on the side of fairness and without fear or favour. Please also support the other grassroots candidates.


Bryony Rudkin

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

A long time member of the Party I have held a variety of offices and am currently Chair of the CLP here in Ipswich where I have lived for 25 years. I have been an active campaigner all my adult life and am currently deputy leader of my local council. I am an active member of the Local Government Association Labour Group, working with Labour Groups around the country and am currently a member of the Socialist Group on the Congress of the Council of Europe. I have been a member of the NPF for 13 years and am currently a member of the International Policy Commission. I have always been an active member of the NPF and have hosted and chaired a number of events aimed at engaging members. I enjoy robust debate, am not afraid of difficult decisions and determined to play my part in getting us back into power!


Deborah Sacks

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

The most crucial issue for the Labour Party is to win power and get rid of this embarrassing, unfair and inept Government. In order to do this we need progressive policies that chime with the electorate, especially those people that deserted us at the last General Election. These include policies on education, housing and energy as well as tackling climate change in an equitable manner.
I believe Keir Starmer and his team can do this and that the role of the wider Labour Part is to support and amplify this message. The NPF could be a key vehicle for this.
I joined the Labour Party as a teenager and have been a local councillor and a Parliamentary candidate. I now work in planning and renewable energy and would like to use my professional skills in this policy development.
Please also support Alex Mayer, Richard Howitt and Bryony Ruskin.

Youth Representative – Eastern

Saffron Anderton

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I am a final year politics student at University, and I am also Autistic.
I joined the Labour Party in the beginning of 2019, and I have been the Youth Officer for my CLP for 3 years. While in this position, I have spoken out about the A-level grades and the treatment of students during the pandemic.
Working with my CLP and local branch within the Eastern Region, I know the hardship that young people have faced, and I want to engage with the youth membership, to listen to them about what they want the policies to be. I will be their voice.
Representation within the youth membership is vital, and my experience of both being part of the LGBT+ and Neurodivergent communities, allows me to stand up for those young people as well, to bring about policies for them where they may not have had the chance before.
I have a keen interest in policy making, having done a social policy module at university as well as creating motions to regional conference.
I would like to put the eastern region’s young people’s interests first in the policy making process.
Please also support other grassroots candidates.


Aaron McIntyre

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

Never before has the East of England been so clearly the left behind region, with cruel Conservative governments, and a lack of focus from Labour having failed to reflect us and the communities we live in; as young people we feel this more than most. As the driving force of what we stand for as a party, we need Young National Policy Forum Representatives who will engage with and speak up for young people across our region.
As a student, secondary school teacher, and active member of both the NUS and NEU I know first-hand how important policy is that stands for, and with young people. By listening and working with young members across the region I will campaign on the NPF for national and local manifestos that are made for us: ensuring our communities are better connected, emphasising the green agenda, and putting youth unemployment at the heart of policy.
Labour has always been the party to stand up for the underrepresented, and today we need that more than ever. For the representative that stands with you, for somebody that promises to listen, and for someone who is willing to fight for us, vote for Aaron McIntyre for NPF.



Jose Alexander


Candidate Statement
Jose Alexander I feel privileged to have served as a London Borough of Newham Councillor from 2010 to 2018. I am a Labour Party activist and have been a member for 21 years, including the Co-operative Party. I am a dedicated Labour Dialogue Team member who has was part of the National Phone Banking Task Force and received Best Practice Award. I am a Unite union member and was a former secretary with Remploy and promoted diversity and equality in the work place. I was supporting disabled employees and co-ordinated many meetings with Remploy management over an eleven-year period. I have shown dedication through Keir Starmer’s leadership campaign. Since 2003, I have been a dedicated campaigner for every election and hold experience of delivering projects to wider sections of the community. I would like to work with NPF to help elect the Labour government in 2024. If I am elected NPF for London Region, I would like to support and prioritise: Investment in education, the NHS and support climate change initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions by 2030. Invest in communities to help tackle cost of living crisis. Focus on a long-term strategy for energy supply sector to help vulnerable communities.
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @Keralacommunity

Callum Anderson

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

Although Labour’s polling numbers continue to strengthen under Keir Starmer, our mission is far from complete.
•We need to regain the trust of the many voters we lost in 2019. Our next general election manifesto must therefore not only offer a positive, forward-looking vision for Britain but also a credible policy platform to accompany it.
• Such a platform must be underpinned by a plan to reshape Britain’s post-pandemic economy, so that it is fairer, greener and more enterprising.
• I ask for your support to be one of your National Policy Forum (NPF) representatives to ensure Labour meets this challenge.
• As the national secretary of Labour Business, I am already working with shadow frontbench teams to help Labour cement its position as the pro-worker, pro-business party. I have also spent the past decade working in various economic policy roles across think tanks, national charities, local government and now the private sector to develop and champion policies which help businesses of all sizes across the UK create well-paid jobs. These experiences make me well-placed to contribute to the NPF’s economic policymaking.

For a strong NPF, please also vote for Rachel Blake, Rezina Chowdhury and Sara Conway.


Rachel Blake

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I am standing for the National Policy Forum to represent the values and experience of our diverse membership so that we have the policies and plans to secure a Labour Government.
This is a crucial moment to develop ideas in order to realise our Labour vision for a secure, fair and prosperous future. With a General Election expected in the next 2 years, now is the time to come together to prepare our programme for government, to hit the ground running and deliver.
As a local Councillor and Deputy Mayor, Co-op, GMB and Unison member, everyday, I stand up for the community. I have supported thousands of residents in their struggle against the impact of austerity. I have a track record of standing up for homeless and overcrowded families, supporting them into new homes, and working with grassroots organisations connecting people to services. I am driven by a commitment to excellent public services and a thriving economy. As a year-round campaigner, I’m passionate about listening to residents on the doorstep.
As your delegate, I would:
• Lead a programme of members’ workshops
• Work with members and parties to develop ideas
• Provide regular members’ updates
Please also support Anderson, Chowdhury and Conway.


Rezina Chowdhury

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

Since 2014 I have been a councillor in an inner London borough. I am also a social researcher with 23 years of policy development experience. If elected, I will ensure local government is clearly represented on the NPF. As a social researcher I am passionate about public engagement, opinion gathering and consultation. I have developed policy in public health, local government finance, housing, policing, education and skills. I have been a Labour member and campaigner since 1987. I managed Party polling and the monthly message polls for the Labour Strategy Unit for two years, informing our election campaign strategies. By understanding the issues that mattered to the electorate, I communicated Party policy in a way that resonated with voters and members.
I have held the offices of Group Chair, Chief whip and Secretary. I am a member of GMB, UNITE and the Co-op party. If elected to the NPF I will report regularly to London councillors ensuring they play an active policy development role.
By supporting me you will have an experienced, enthusiastic NPF rep, passionate about winning a Labour Government. I would also encourage you to support Rachel Blake, Sara Conway, Callum Anderson and Liam Martin Lane.


Sara Conway

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I’m honoured to be a local councillor for Burnt Oak in Barnet and Community Leadership (communities, community safety and VAWG) and Libraries Lead, and will be standing as a Labour and Co-Operative candidate in May. I’m also a member of JLM, the GMB, Unison, and the Fabian Society.

I have nearly 30 years’ experience from the creative, commercial and community sectors, bringing people together to develop and deliver transformative policies and initiatives. I really enjoy working with the charity and community sectors, including as a member of Nisa-Nashim Muslim-Jewish Women’s Network; a trustee at the Jewish Volunteering Network and at Sebby’s Corner (providing essentials for children in need across Greater London); on the steering group for the Joint Refugee Action Network; and supporting local residents’ community and environmental groups.

As a member of the Greater London Authority Civic Futures fellowship programme I’m part of a policy development network bringing local government and civic society together to build and test ideas to help London’s recovery. I’m standing for the NPF to help build this collaborative spirit and communities focus in policy discussion and development across London, listening to and working with local party members.

Please also nominate Anderson, Blake and Chowdhury.


Kumud Joshi

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I have been a labour party member for over 30 years, I stood for council elections and am a candidate for Ilford south valentine’s ward. I am aware the party need to change to attract voters back to labour and want to help develop the party to get back to being an electable party . I have great faith in Kier Stammer and wan to help us to succeed.

Kumud Joshi


Dave Levy

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I have been a member of the Labour Party uninterrupted for 47 years and have a varied and extensive portfolio as a post holder and campaigner. I am currently Secretary of Lewisham Deptford CLP and have previously stood in various council elections. I have a strong interest in policy and believe in the importance of a manifesto based on strong membership involvement.
I am President of my GMB branch, an active trade unionist, trained in employment law, and I represent & organise members in their workplace, winning for members at work.
Within the policy commissions, I would look to utilise my experience as an economist, IT professional, trade unionist, and civil rights campaigner, and would be best suited for the Economy, Work, Digital & Culture or Justice and Democracy commissions.
I am anti-poverty, pro-social justice and an anti-racist. Labour’s policy platform must represent these values.
I am a member/subscriber to Amnesty, Liberty, the Open Rights Group, Privacy International and the Labour Movement for Europe. I am on the national committees of Another Europe and CLPD.
I will work hard, represent you and keep in touch.
Please vote for me and other anti-austerity, pro-justice and anti-racist candidates.


Sadia Moaeed

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I like to change Democracy and change let public and and country go back to normal. I like to change policy and let business get back to normal.


Cam Rose

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I work in the Careers and Employability department of King’s College London, where I also studied my MSc in Physics and served as LGBT+ Network Officer, representing my community to the students’ union and co-organising community campaign events, while simultaneously meeting research deadlines.
I am the chair of Bethnal Green and Bow Young Labour. We are re-establishing ourselves after folding in 2018 and beginning to work on getting more young people involved in the party. I have campaigned in every election since I joined the party six years ago. I have moved a lot in that time, so I have experience campaigning in various political landscapes. I was also recently elected as a local campaigns coordinator for Tower Hamlets Momentum, where I will help bring together local campaigns of working-class people.
I am a member of Unite the Union and the UCU. I have joined both on picket lines against the closure of my local hospital’s A&E and during the pension strikes respectively.
The next Labour election manifesto must draw upon the hope for a radical, transformative and socialist future for the UK that directly addresses the crises we face after a decade of Tory failure.


Appu Dhamodaran Srinivasan

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

Dear Friends,

I’m standing to be your National Policy Forum representative because I want our party to win the next General elections by designing and communicating policies that will work for the many and not the few.

We need a manifesto for the next General elections that will address the poverty and inequality in our country.

I have been a grassroots Labour party activist and a dedicated active member of the party for the last decade. I am currently serving as Secretary of Croydon North CLP. I have extensively campaigned for the party during the local and general elections.

I run my own business, and I’m proud to quote that our party is for small businesses and enterprises. I have zero tolerance towards Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Anti-Hinduism, and any kind of racial prejudice within our party.

There is a cost-of-living crisis in the country, and we need a Labour Government to improve public services, better schools and hospitals, create jobs and protect the environment from climate change.

I seek your support as an independent grassroots member to help us design a manifesto that will win the next general elections.

Appu Damodaran
Secretary of Croydon North CLP.


Carol Turner

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

Strong policies win elections and benefit Londoners. If Labour’s to keep ahead in the polls and form the next government, we need to distinguish ourselves from the Tories – starting now, laying the groundwork for a radical agenda on the economy, jobs, health, education, housing, peace, human rights. I’m seeking reelection so I can play my part and asking for your support.
Labour’s policy-development process is flagging. I’m committed to revitalising the NPF and if elected will do my best to ensure grassroot views are properly reflected.

The NPF has become obscure and labyrinthine. We need to make it more open, transparent, and accountable to annual conference. Sometimes that means discussing, not burying, differing points of views to get the best outcome. I support voting on NPF Annual Reports in sections, subject to amendment and with effective reference back of parts of the report.
I’ve been active throughout my time on the NPF – contributing to IPC meetings, responding to submissions, member emails, reporting back at CLP policy meetings. I was elected as one of the 4 CLP reps on the Joint Policy Committee last year and suggested amendments to the 2021 NPF Report in line with CLP submissions.


Adrian Weir

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I am seeking your continued support as a London member of the NPF (and from there a member of the Joint Policy Committee).
The past two years have of course been difficult, if not heart breaking, for many Londoners and of course for members of our Party.
If we are near the end of the worst of the pandemic, on behalf of grass roots members, I will make it a priority to call for an in-person or hybrid meeting of the National Policy Forum, which has not met under Keir Starmer’s leadership.
Trust in Government is at a low ebb. The NPF must be the discursive forum that will enable our Party to develop policy to deal with the key issues facing working people and their families.
Chief among these are the cost of living crisis and soaring energy bills. As a response trade union rights and public ownership are very much back on the policy agenda.
We must also develop a distinctive approach that promotes diplomacy in preference to war, an independent foreign policy and recognises the right of national self-determination.
Until recently I was Unite Assistant Chief of Staff; currently TULO Officer at Hornsey & Wood Green CLP.


Youth Representative -London

Liam Martin-Lane

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I’m Liam, and it’s an honour to stand for election to the National Policy Forum.
For the last 12 years, the Conservatives have brought us injustice and division. At a time of hardship at home, and insecurity abroad, we have a government which is out of energy and out of ideas.
By contrast, today’s Labour party is renewing, and regaining credibility in the eyes of the British people. The goal now is to produce the policies to kick the Tories out and ensure Keir Starmer becomes our next Prime Minister.
Since joining the party aged 18, I’ve played my part in helping Labour win elections. Having volunteered in three general elections, two council elections and two Mayoral elections, I’m standing to be a Labour councillor in Camden.
As a part of the millennial generation, I also want to represent the voice of young people. For too long, the needs and aspirations of young people have been ignored. It’s time to debate the policies which value and support their battle for a better life.
Let’s back our leader, vote Liam for NPF, and get Labour elected!


Thomas Wilkinson

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

The youth in London are being left behind and increasingly marginalised. I want to fight for your voice.

Over the last ten years house prices and rents have soared leaving many young people in London unable to get on the property ladder or even move out of their parents/guardians house.

The outrageous cost of housing and the lack of new build homes has exacerbated the issue with policy makers failing to come up with solutions and like the current Tory government; ignore the issue entirely.

Beyond this the pandemic has hit young people particularly hard as it has been mainly young people that have lost their jobs in London’s hospitality and tourist sectors, this added to the already insurmountable cost of living and housing has left many young Londoners despondent and angry. This needs to change and with the help of all Labour members we can change the narrative.

We must also all work to many London safer and continue the fight against knife crime and crimes against women. No member of the British public should be made to feel scared to walk the streets of our capital, the place we all call home.


North West

Amna Abdullatif

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

My name is Amna Abdullatif from Manchester Central CLP. I am standing for the National Policy Forum as I believe that members should have a say in shaping the socialist alternative to the current Conservative Government. I wish to be part of National Policy Forum as I want it revived and become a popular hub for all party members to come together and formulate policy that will win us the next election. My role as local councillor in Manchester has shown me how important primary legislation is to people. I am also one third of  ‘The Three Hijabis’ a movement born out of the nationwide revulsion to racism and sparked a change in government policy. My policy area of expertise are: local government, equalities and violence against women and girls. I am also a long standing member of Unite the Union.


Sam Corcoran

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

If we listen to our supporters and campaign hard on the things that matter to them there are no “ no go” areas for Labour!
In 2011 I fought the ‘winnable’ seat of Sandbach Heath and East and won by 6 votes.
Now the seat has a Labour majority of 384 and I am the first ever Labour leader of Cheshire East Council. Under my leadership, in May 2019, the council committed to being carbon neutral by 2025 – one of the most ambitious targets in the country – and is well on the way to achieving that target thanks to a detailed Carbon Action Plan.
I believe in fairness and putting people before profit- that’s why I’m a Labour and Co-op councillor. I want to put those values into practice in developing Labour policies.
By profession I am a chartered accountant and fellow of the Chartered Institute of Taxation, so I also have the technical expertise of dealing with tax policy and analysing legislation.


Zakir Hussain Fayazi

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

Being a member of the party since 2017, it will be an honour to represent the proud region of the northwest.

Best regards,


Michael Garvey

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In 2018 I was elected to the NPF as one of the NW Region CLP Representatives. It has been an honour and privilege to represent the Region. I have arranged and facilitated a number of policy events ensuring our voice is heard. I have spoken at many Constituency meetings.
In 2021 I was elected by other CLP Representatives to sit on the Joint Policy Committee. The pandemic has meant that this Committee has not often met. This is disappointing as the way in which policy is formulated is still not as good or focused as it should be. With many members feeling disillusioned about how our policies are set. I recognise the shortcomings and am determined to address these.
I am passionate about the development of socialist policies believing the best ideas emerge from collaboration and informed discussion. To defeat this hostile Government there must be honest, open and transparent communication within the Party at all levels with full Member participation, especially in Policy determination.
Our Policy making process must reflect grassroots views. There are many forward-thinking ideas that we must harness.
Please vote for me so that I can continue to work for the good of us all.


Nathalie Nicholas


Candidate Statement
I am an active Labour Party member since 2009 after graduating from the Operation Black vote Scheme. The programme helped increase diverse representation in politics and civic life. In 2012, I was elected a Labour Councillor in Liverpool and continue representing to this current time. I believe policy development in the Labour Party should involve members, local parties, trade unions, socialist societies and elected representatives as well as the wider community. As Labour Party members we should be able to help shape the Party’s policy agenda, for this and future generations. I am an UNISON member and firmly believe we are stronger united and have a pivotal role in developing Labour party policies for: better economic planning, collective ownership, social and political equality. I am a nurse with over 21 years’ experience and been both Chair and Deputy Chair of Liverpool City Council Social Care and Health Select Committee. Utilising both my knowledge and skills in this area to benefit the Council, community and citizens. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic I worked on the frontline and know first-hand the challenges and impact of an under resourced NHS. My knowledge and skills can help contribute to the Labour Party policies going forward.

Nicholas Parnell

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I am passionate about the north-west and I want to see that it receives its rightful place within our party.


Claire Reid

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Making policy is the single most important thing that Labour Party members can do to make a Labour Government a reality, and there has never been a more vital time to make sure our Party policy is based on social justice, financial integrity and appeals to all sections of society.
I have the skills and experience to ensure this policy making process is member-centred and credible. For 12 years I have been a Labour Councillor for Denton South, Denton and Reddish CLP Secretary, and Tameside Local Government Secretary.
We as members, Trade Unionists, Councillors and MPs are facing the fight of our lives at the next General Election, and one that could see us have a Labour Prime Minister for the first time in nearly two decades.
We, together, have one chance to put forward a manifesto that is both steeped in the fairness that I know us as members so passionately defend, but one than can also see Keir Starmer elected to Downing Street to deliver the changes this country so desperately needs.
I would be honoured to represent North West members through this crucial process and would be delighted to receive your vote for National Policy Representative.


Ruji Surjan

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An active member of LGC and Oldham West & Royton CLP. A local Councillor based in Oldham I sit on a number of committees such as Planning, Overview and Scrutiny and Audit Committee.
I am also a member of the Cross Party Climate Change & Environment Group and also Oldham Energy Futures by Carbon Co-op. I am passionate to see Oldham and wider GM become more greener and cleaner. I am also keen on tackling health inequalities and poverty, particularly for low income families and those who are struggling but are not in receipt of any help.


Elsie Blundell


Candidate Statement
I’m Elsie from Rochdale. I’m a Labour and Co-op Party activist, a trade unionist, a CLP Policy Officer, a feminist and a democratic socialist. Members are the core of our movement and I want to be your voice on our NPF. Why am I Labour? Well for most of my childhood there was a Labour government with policies designed to support working class people, like my family. I am standing for NPF because, for the last 12 years, the Conservative governments that followed have turned back the clock. Children’s potential is being wasted. The Tories have underfunded our education system and the impact is greatest on learners who are poor, vulnerable or who have special educational needs. Despite the efforts of teachers, education staff and other key workers, Covid-19 has exacerbated inequalities caused by over a decade of Conservative control. As Labour members we can change this, by putting forward policies to properly fund education and invest in long-term, life skills for all – so everyone reaches their full potential. If elected, I will develop Labour’s policies in this area and others. I will be inclusive, listen to all members’ views and ensure every CLP is encouraged to get involved.

Youth Representative – North West

Mohammad Zeshan Araf

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Candidate Statement

Dear Comrades,
I’m standing for the National Policy Forum as the Youth representative.
I am committed to changing our society for the better. My experiences as a young BAME man, a director of a charity, anti-racist campaigner and a strong Labour activist have shaped my socialism and fuelled my determination to fight for a transformative society.
I will fight for a party that is fair, transparent and above all else to ensure members are being represented and heard.
I hope I can count on your support.
In Unity,
Mohammad Zeshan Araf
Blackley and Broughton CLP
Membership Number: L1652662


Jimmy Sergi

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Candidate Statement

I am standing to represent young members in the North West on the NPF so we can fight for an election-ready manifesto which will deliver the transformative Labour government that young people need.
With living costs rising, regional inequality still rife and not being appropriately tackled by the government, climate change threatening our futures and the NHS and local councils being underfunded by central government, it has never been more important that Labour win the next general election. I will do all I can to make sure that happens.
Having served as Chair of Wirral Young Labour for the last 3 years, as well as currently serving on the executive committee of the Young Fabians, I have experience working with young members from across the region and across the country. I am also a dedicated campaigner, having supported Labour candidates at local, national and European elections over the last 4 years.
If elected, I will be a transparent and accountable representative, producing regular reports on my activity and always being happy to speak to Young Labour groups, so that all young members in the region can make their mark on the policies of the next Labour government.


Northern Region

Stephen Barry-Stanners

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Candidate Statement

I have been an active member of the Labour Party since 2009 and have held various roles at different levels in that time, as well as being a regular campaigner across the region. With the Government in chaos, a General election could be called at any time, and we need to be election ready so we can hit the ground running. The last Labour Government changed my life, took my parents out of poverty, and paved the way for me to marry the man I love by extending LGBT+ rights. I want to help shape our manifesto to give my nieces and nephews the same advantages and opportunities I experienced because of Labour being in power. To win the next election we need a manifesto that inspires people and is focused on the priorities and needs of ordinary voters in our communities. If I am elected I will listen to the views and ideas of all members in the region and ensure that they are put forward for consideration. I hope you will support me in this election to help put Labour on track for victory!


Paul Daly

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Candidate Statement

Members matter.
Since 2017, as Chair of Sedgefield CLP, nothing has become more clear to me than the knowledge that on our own, none of us have all the answers. But the beauty of the Labour movement is that between us, we do. As an educator, I am aware that we can all learn from one another’s ideas and experiences by listening, sharing and respecting the views and ideas of our fellow Democratic Socialists. Whether this is the rich local knowledge only gained through being part of a community, the understanding that comes from working in your field, your personal experiences of injustice and inequality, or your commitment to learning and discovery, our mass membership brings more value collectively than the sum of our parts.
As a member of the National Policy Forum, I pledge to listen to members and represent our collective views and ideas that demonstrate that there is an alternative to the corrupt system that is causing misery to so many.
I do not claim to have all the answers to the problems we face as a nation and as a region, but I sincerely believe that between us, we do.


Clare Penny-Evans

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Candidate Statement

It is essential that our Northern voices are fully represented in the development of policy within the Labour Party and its manifesto. This is why I am standing for the National Policy Forum.

For too long the party has been dominated by southern centric views. We need polices that recognise regional differences and the need for devolving power locally.

We need a properly functioning policy making process within which all members can be fully engaged. Within the Northern region I will work alongside other NPF reps, branches, CLP’s and affiliates to make this happen.

As the Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Public Safety, I have played a significant role in shaping and developing policies. Climate Change and our response to it is a thread that runs right across our council decision making. As part of this role, I have visited CLP’s and Branches within my area, listening to members views and ideas to see how these can be incorporated into our policies.

I have worked on developing polices within my trade union and the Co-op Party and, as the Campaign Coordinator for Newcastle Labour Group, I have helped shape and develop Newcastle’s successful Labour manifesto.


Michelle Fox

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Candidate Statement

I’m a branch chair and a delegate to North Tyneside CLP and a local government candidate standing for election in May 2022. I’m also a Central Council member of the Socialist Health Association.
I’ve spent my working life engaging communities through my work as a filmmaker, and as an executive Board member of Beacon Films CIC, working with some of the most marginalised adults and young people in the North East to make films and have their say.
After twelve years of Tory government, public trust in our Politicians has been systematically eroded. Constant abuses of power, cronyism, cuts to vital services and the privatisation of our NHS, has left communities and party members frustrated and disempowered.
In response, our policies need to be robust, forward thinking and reflect our commitment to offering a better, kinder and fairer future. Developed with diverse local communities, unions and members, from the ground up, to bring vital services and infrastructure back into public ownership. All underpinned by the well-being of our citizens and planet, to tackle the legacy of Tory inequality and achieve social and economic justice.
Labour policies should serve as a blueprint for our planet and communities to thrive and flourish.


Anthony Frain


Candidate Statement

It’s essential we in the North have a strong and dedicated team to speak on our behalf throughout the manifesto building process. I’ll ensure that voices from across our region are heard and I’m committed to putting in the time and effort needed to support our CLPs and policy officers in playing their part. As Chair of Hartlepool CLP, I’m all too aware of the challenges we face nationally and locally, and critical to any future success is a competent, capable and ambitious agenda for government. An agenda that answers the specific needs and demands of our region, whilst setting a course for a return to greater prosperity, equality and opportunity for all. Our 2021 Party conference laid the groundwork for a new Labour Party manifesto built around the pillars of security, prosperity and success. From social care reform, a renewed commitment to council housing, and community wealth building to a new industrial policy, the Green New Deal, and the reiteration of our internationalist values, our membership have provided the blueprint for a winning Labour manifesto. Please nominate Anth Frain, Stephen Barry-Stanners, Lauren Howells, Clare Penny-Evans and Anna Turley to represent the North and work towards making winning a reality.

Stuart Hill

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Candidate Statement

Ann Black is my role model. I would, if elected, be as committed as she is to both listening to members and reporting back.
I have been active in the Middlesbrough, Darlington and North Tyneside CLP’s, serving as Local Government Committee Secretary for a time, as well as a councillor. I have held elected office in Unison, GMB and Unite, serving from branch secretary to National Vice-President. Currently Political Officer in the Northumberland, Tyne and Wear Community Branch of Unite.
I supported our Manifesto’s in the last two General Elections. They need updating so that the details are seen as realistic by the voters. We have sometimes promised too much or too little.
Policies, however good, count for nothing unless we can convince the voters Labour offers a better future than the Conservatives. In 2019 we failed.
We cannot afford to fail our people again. The cost is just too high.
I am chair of the Benton Branch, the biggest, most democratic and active branch in North Tyneside CLP. Due to my years of campaigning for Proportional Representation, I have just been elected to the EC of the Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform. A rare example of Left/Right working together.


Rochelle Charlton-Lain

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Candidate Statement

As a Teacher I have witnessed some first-hand absolute atrocities within education, which have only been exacerbated with the pandemic. Our poorest families are being left behind and we need to take them forward with us.
As CLP Political Education Officer and Vice-Chair of the Adults Health and Wellbeing Committee at Durham County Council, I help shape policies to support our young people and wider communities. I am passionate about inclusivity and fairness, especially for people in vulnerable positions.

My experience as a Town and County Councillor ensures I hold myself and others accountable whilst evaluating and developing strategies to successfully move forward by listening to grassroots voices.

As Labour Group Communications & Engagement Officer, I aim for wide, transparent communication.

I believe in collaboration over competition; that by working together we achieve more.
I support Michelle Fox, Trish Williams, Anne Brown, Stuart Hill & Andrew Hedges (NPF-North Young Member rep).


Denise Robson

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Candidate Statement

As NPF member since 2018 on the Housing, Local Government and Transport Policy Commission, I have put Labour’s case for the North in housing, calling for more council housing and affordable public transport. I reported my activity back to members on social media and attended CLP policy forums online and in person.
The pandemic has weakened the NHS, which lacks staffing levels to meet local needs. It has also led to worsening poverty. The need to restore fair funding to the North has never been clearer. Otherwise, reliance on foodbanks, poor health, widespread insecurity linked to mental health problems, wasted potential and the brain drain will continue. An approach like the Labour’s 1945 manifesto, is now required to rebuild our Welfare State.
I was CLP Chair / Secretary in Gateshead for 11 years, making party membership inclusive and welcoming. I’m currently a Gateshead councillor with a total of 13 years’ experience. In my work, I write bids to fund services for charities. I’m a member of Unite.
We all joined the Labour Party to elected Labour governments and influence policy. I support a more member-led party, which champions public services, fair taxation and support for those most in need.


Anna Turley

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Candidate Statement

I will take the voice of North East members to the heart of the party through the NPF and make sure the unique needs and expectations of our region run right through our policy making as we build the next manifesto.
I have twenty years experience of developing policy through Labour values to solve social and economic problems. Starting as a civil servant in the last Labour government working on reducing youth crime and reoffending, and then becoming a special advisor on Child Poverty. After that I was proud to work for the Minister for Social Exclusion and we developed projects to support vulnerable families in their early years.
I then worked on policy-making in local government and for the IPPR North in Newcastle, before becoming the Labour and Co-Operative MP for Redcar. As an MP I always tried to help tackle the social and economic problems our communities face, from fighting to save our steelworks, to changing the law on animal cruelty, campaigning against online harm for young people, setting up a taskforce on kinship care and a Right to Food as Chair of the Co-Operative Party. I am now Chair of the North East Child Poverty Coalition.


Youth Representative – Northern Region

Andrew Hedges

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Candidate Statement

Growing up in the North East I have always felt proud of our history. We powered Britain but due to successive government failures we have been abandoned. Labour must combat the empty promises of the Tory’s ‘levelling up’ agenda with concrete policies for a Green New Deal that will transform our region. Labour must back a commonly owned metro connecting the region, support publicly owned offshore wind farms and develop cooperatives.
I joined Labour in search for radical solutions to the climate crisis and austerity. Those issues are still with us. Since joining I have been active at CLP and regional level and am political officer for Unite Community Tees & Durham. Growing up in Durham I experienced trade union power history at the Miners’ Gala, now I have the privilege to see the power of trade union activists. Labour must reverse Thatcherite trade union laws.
As Labour members it is our job to imagine and strive for a new society, I hope I can further our movement in this task.
Please vote for me and Anne Brown, Michelle Fox, Stuart Hill and Trish Williams. We will reach out to members to begin grassroots engagement in policy development.


Lauren Howells

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Candidate Statement

For too long, the Labour Party has been dominated by ‘Southern centric’ politics. Many Northern core voters have turned elsewhere. The National Policy Forum needs voices which addresses this imbalance honestly and assertively.

I grew up in Hartlepool, a town historically damaged by post-industrial decline and Tory neglect. I joined the Youth Council and latterly became a Member of National Youth Parliament because I wanted to represent local young people and advocate for them. I got Hartlepool within the top 5 constituencies nationally for engagement, won a national ‘Youth Voice’ award and worked closely with other North-East constituencies.

I sat on various town committees, seeking the best political deal possible for young people amid a backdrop of savage austerity policies inflicted on the North by successive Tory administrations.

I grew up benefitting from previous Labour government initiatives such as Sure Start. I am driven by the need to deliver a Labour manifesto, and government for the North, but we can’t do it without rebuilding the red wall. If we are to take Labour into power this must be achieved quickly. If you vote for me, I will serve the party tirelessly to produce the Labour government our country urgently needs.



Christopher Barbour

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I am a committed socialist who has been a party activist for over a decade.
Having served in party positions including Secretary of Scottish Young Labour, I have practical experience of policy development within the party’s internal structures.
I have always believed that it should be party members who are at the forefront of developing policy which is why I helped to deliver the first ever policy conference for young members in Scotland.
If elected to serve on the NPF, I will continue to ensure that party members are central to policy development by undertaking regular engagement with CLPs.
Scotland faces a lot of challenges from cuts being imposed on councils, rising levels of inequality and a climate emergency.
I believe that Labour must have a positive and transformative vision if it is to rebuild support in Scotland and sweep the Tories from power at the next general election.
That’s why I will push for policies such as a socialist Green New Deal and democratic public ownership of services to be at the heart of Labour’s manifesto.
If you agree that Labour needs a bold, socialist vision for Scotland, please vote for me and the other grassroots candidates.


Anna Dyer

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

To win the next election Labour must win back seats in Scotland. We need radical policies to challenge the austerity and cuts of the SNP and we must ensure that UK Labour understands our major issues.
Being Chair of the National Constitutional Committee from 2018 -2021 brought experience of working on policies and procedures and UK Labour. Working for the EU in Eastern Europe has created an enduring interest in International affairs.
At present I am Chair of Scotland’s second largest Community Development Trust located in the most deprived area of Scotland with over 60 permanent employees. We became leader of a Covid Relief Hub for the whole area. I am also Voluntary Sector Representative on Glasgow City Council Community Planning, Women’s Officer of Maryhill & Springburn CLP and Unite Activist, Not for Profit Branch. I am a Leading Campaigner for Glasgow against Closures , a broad city wide social movement opposing the selling -off of public and community assets to commercial interests and outsourcing services. Also campaigned on against privatisation of the NHS, poverty and inequality, women’s issues of disadvantage particularly relating to poverty and health. Former Holyrood List candidate.


Katrina Faccenda

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I am a committed socialist and believe that Labour does best when it offers clear and radical policies which can transform society.
I believe that it should be party members who are at the forefront of developing policy which is why I am standing for the NPF.
If elected to serve on the NPF, I will continue to ensure that party members are central to policy development by undertaking regular engagement with CLPs and other campaigning groups.
Scotland faces specific challenges from cuts being imposed on councils, rising levels of inequality, attacks on local democracy and a climate emergency and as a representative on the NPF I will bring that distinct Scottish voice to policy development.
I believe that Labour must have a radical and transformative vision if it is to effectively rebuild support in Scotland and sweep the Tories from power at the next general election.
A socialist Green New Deal with a just transition for workers and democratic public ownership of services must be at the heart of Labour’s manifesto.
If you agree that Labour needs a bold, socialist vision for Scotland, please vote for me and the other grassroots candidates.


Mike Martin

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Candidate Statement

I have been a member of LP since 1980 and am currently the treasurer of Aberdeen Donside CLP. I am working as a programmer with the Environmental Modelling Group at the University of Aberdeen.
Outside of work, my interests are the highly interlinked areas of Geopolitics and addressing the existential threat of climate change. In relation to Geopolitics I have written briefing papers on Tibet, Belarus, Taiwan, Chinese economic engagement in sub-Saharan Africa. In relation to climate change my specialism are district heating, energy from waste, nuclear power and the hydrogen economy
It is important for the economy that Britain restructures its relation to the EU in a similar fashion to that of Norway or Switzerland. Clearly interstate conflict undermines the prospects of a sound economy and so I believe that Britain should seek to improve its relations through diplomacy, cultural exchange and trade rather than going down the route towards a New Cold War with sanctions and military threats.
Labour does best when it offers clear, radical policies to transform society. Members must be central to making policy and I will regularly consult CLP members about the work of the NPF
Please support myself and other grassroots candidates


Youth Representative – Scotland

Lauren Harper

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

As activists and young people we must move beyond the politics of our leaders; thus moving us in a direction which puts our interests at the heart of the party, as we have been repeatedly undermined. This is why those on the NPF must be passionate advocates for young people.
Grassroots activism is how we will invigorate our members; I felt the power of grassroots activism first hand when I occupied my university management building. I’m also the chair of Stirling University Labour society and was recently elected onto the SEC. I will carry this same energy and passion to the NPF; It is our future, our party and we have a right to be heard.


South East Region

Parmjit Dhanda

Membership Number


Candidate Statement
I have been a Labour party member for 34 years. During that time, I have held many roles – from foot soldier to CLP Officer and from councillor to government minister under Blair and Brown, whilst MP for Gloucester (2001-2010).

I want the National Policy Forum to play an important role in shaping the policies we need to create a better Britain at the next election, and with your support I will use my experience to help make that happen.

Policy formulation needs to be inclusive. Hence, I would like to use my experience of building alliances with party members, trade unions, business and both public and private sector workers to help shape practical, impactful policy.

As a former Education Minister, I was involved in shaping policy on our flagship Sure Start programme, which I think is a good example of who we are, and what we want to deliver.

Our policy agenda needs to incorporate the needs of the whole country, including the South East, where we need the right policies and organisation to gain the seats Labour needs to win a general election.

I am also supporting Sharon Mintoff, Naushabah Khan and Duncan Enright.

Parmjit Dhanda


Duncan Enright

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

As the first Labour and Co-op Councillor for Witney East, and first Labour Travel and Development Cabinet Member in Oxfordshire, I know the importance of strong policy development to tackle the climate emergency and gross inequalities. I also know we must write a manifesto to elect a radical Labour Government.

In previous time on the National Policy Forum under a Labour Government I campaigned for children’s centres, Lords reform, expanding rail for passengers and freight, and access to the best state education for every child by making schools work more closely together. The last painful decade has seen much of this dismantled by Tory and Lib Dem politicians. We have to rebuild public services owned by us all, and redistribute wealth and power to the many, not allow them to be hoarded by so few.

I am a member of several socialist societies including the Fabians, Socialist Education Association, Socialist Health Association, and am Vice Chair of the Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform. I have been a GMB member since my first job at 19, and joined Community more recently to support me as a self-employed medical publisher.

Please also vote for Parmjit Dhanda, Naushabah Khan and Sharon Mintoff.


Carol Hayton


Candidate Statement

It has been a pleasure and honour to have represented the South East region on the NPF for almost 20 years. As one of the longest serving representatives, I know what works well in our policy making process, and what works less well. My view is informed by discussions with members across the region, both about policy outcomes and the process itself. There has always been cynicism about the effectiveness of the NPF as far as the ability of members to influence policy is concerned, and there is justification for that, but, at the same time, we have had success in making our voices heard and that is evident in our most recent manifestos. The really important commitments that originated from my policy commission, Housing, Transport and Local Government, were derived from robust and evidence based submissions from our members and Party units. We need to ensure that remains the case. We need to make sure that the NPF , which hasn’t worked particularly effectively recently due to lack of activity, becomes a robust mechanism that works for our members. I’m standing for election because I want to work with members across our region to make that happen.


Dan Hermitage

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I joined the Labour Party in 2015, whilst working within the community and motivated by the opportunity of bringing politics to the people I was working with. Since then I have been active within my CLPs, first Hove and now East Worthing & Shoreham, as a delegate for the Communication Workers Union and Political Education in EWAS.
Working through this pandemic as a postal worker and as a trade union representative within the industry I have seen the impact that this government has had on working people and it is of the most crucial importance that our Labour Party now leads the voice of our communities to bring active support and change to lead us into a better future.
Now is the moment that grassroots Labour activism can reach deep into our society and bring about change, working alongside community organisations, to improve living standards, housing, food availability and better community health.
Our policy agenda must be inclusive of all people in our streets. It must hold the values of the Labour party at its core.
If elected, I will listen to members and ensure the democratic nature of this party is reflected in our policies and manifesto.


Naushabah Khan

Membership Number


Candidate Statement
Our 2019 defeat, has brought home the need to rebuild Labour’s links with local communities. The journey to election success must be supported with clear and progressive policy platform that tackles deepening inequalities and enables us to reconnect with voters across the South East.

An elected councillor for one of the poorest wards in Medway, I have seen first-hand how over a decade of austerity has decimated public services, damaged communities and destroyed trust in politics.

Seeking to tackle these challenges head-on and as Medway Labour’s Housing Spokesperson, I have focused on developing policies that look to end homelessness, deliver good-quality council homes and improve the rental sector.

If elected as your NPF representative I would apply this knowledge and experience to a national agenda, working alongside members to ensure we deliver a winning policy platform that will elect the next Labour government.

An active member of the party for over fifteen years, I have experience campaigning across the country. I also stood as a Parliamentary Candidate, in the Rochester and Strood by-election in 2014 and am a member of the GMB Union, as well as the Co-op party.

Please also vote for Parmjit Dhanda, Duncan Enright and Sharon Mintoff.


Sharon Mintoff

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

As a Labour Councillor for Swaythling on Southampton City Council from 2012 to 2021 and a member of Hampshire Fire & Rescue Authority (HFRA) from 2013 to 2021, I recognise the importance of Labour in local government.

As a councillor, I played an active part in the implementation of the Additional Licensing Scheme for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) in Southampton, which drove up the standards of said HMOs.

As a member (and for the last 4 years the sole Labour member) of HFRA, in the immediate aftermath of the Grenfell tragedy, our Position Statement was based on an idea that I put forward, i.e. that Fire & Rescue Services should be consultees early on in the Planning process, to ensure that fire safety and prevention are key in the design and construction of housing, rather than, as is currently the case, only involved once the planning application has gone for determination by either Officers or the Planning Committee.

I am a member of Community Trade Union.

I am currently Chair of Romsey and Southampton North CLP.

Please also vote for Parmjit Dhanda, Duncan Enright and Naushabah Khan.


Joyce Still

Membership Number


Candidate Statement
Joyce Still

North East Hampshire CLP Membership No:- A193693

Seeking nomination as NPF CLP Rep South East Region

Elected to the NPF in 2015, it’s been a privilege to represent members views. However, many members are very disillusioned with the NPF.

The Party needs to look at how the NPF is run.

Grassroots members need to know that the NPF is transparent and to have confidence that their contributions are included in policy making.

In 2015 I committed to:-

– Listen to all members

– Visit CLPs/ local policy forums so I knew the views of members

– Put forward the case for the South East at national level

– Work closely with other South East representatives

I feel I have honoured these commitments and pledge to continue to make sure that the views of Grassroots members continue to be represented.

An NHS nurse for over 40 years, I am a long standing and active trade unionist.

I have served the party at every level from Councillor to Parliamentary Candidate. I am the Secretary of my CLP.

I hope your CLP will consider nominating me but please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you

Joyce Still [email protected] 07812672309


Charlie Wilson-Marklew

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I wish to stand as a grassroots and progressive candidate for the national policy forum.
Within the Labour party, I have recently concluded a 5 year term as a councillor on Milton Keynes Council, where I advocated for affordable housing & in-housing contracts. Additionally I have held various CLP positions over my 16 years in the party.
Professionally, I have worked in retail, on the shop floor, on the websites, and latterly in international markets. This has given me broad perspective on how the economy works, how it is changing, and how it could be both equitable and prosperous.
With my background, I would be focussed on contributing to developing policies that support democratic economy, community ownership and social housing.
The Labour party is a great force for social justice and progress in our society, and its official policies set the political agenda. It would be a great honour and privilege to contribute to the NPFs work.


Youth Representative – South East Region

William Bettles

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I am a 22 year old from Buckingham working in the retail industry. I have struggled throughout life giving me a grit and determination to fight for what is right. I have a strong sense of justice and am infuriated by injustice. I seek to bring these characteristics as your voice on the NPF. I am a Christian and a member of the *Christians on the Left* socialist society. I believe Jesus Christ gave us the model for a fair, free and compassionate society. I am your choice if you want a candidate who is inspired by Christian Socialist and Social Democrat values.


Jonathan Quin

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Candidate Statement

Our society has changed dramatically post-pandemic, and for Labour to keep up with these trends it is important members feed into the policy-making process. I am standing for the NPF as someone who wants to inject some new, youthful and vibrant energy into this party body. If I am elected, I plan on regularly attending and facilitating policy discussions in local parties across the South-East. I will also put forward policy cases for the South-East nationally and ensure that constituencies with even the smallest memberships are represented with a Policy Officer on their executive. As Vice Chair of Surrey Heath CLP, I understand the difficulties that small local parties face when getting their voices heard. Therefore, I plan to champion all parts of our diverse region. I am especially passionate about justice, constitutional and foreign aid reform. As an active member of the Labour Campaign for International Development, I wish to expand and debate our core offering in these areas. I have experience developing policy through a Youth Select Committee investigation into racial and religious discrimination. This involved giving recommendations to the government on equality issues including proposing the creation of a distinct and separate Equalities Office at Cabinet level.


South West Region

Chris Cuddihee

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Candidate Statement

I’m standing to support Keir Starmer’s leadership so that we have a radical and popular manifesto we will deliver in government. It’s been an agonisingly long time since the last Labour government, and I want to see Keir in Downing Street.
I live, work and am a party member in Plymouth. I am a member of GMB and the Society of Labour Lawyers. I am a barrister. I have been a tribal Labour voter all my life.
I intend to speak up for the South-West at the National Policy Forum. We don’t get our fair share here. Our region suffers a broken housing market, low pay, poor transport links and too many young people leave our region for better career and educational prospects elsewhere.
We need a manifesto which addresses these issues so we can win key seats here at the next General Election in Cornwall, Plymouth, Bournemouth, Swindon, Bristol, South Gloucestershire and Gloucester. I want to represent all the voices of our South-West members. Our region is a key General Election battleground.
I am supporting Judy Wilson, Jude Robinson and Matt Williams plus Ashley Smith as Youth Representative and hope you will support them too.


Youth Representative – South West Region

Ashley Smith

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Candidate Statement

As a 21-year-old councillor, I intend to use my platform to find practical policy solutions to the central issues impacting our generation: the environmental crisis, and the lack of affordable housing.
In November, I chaired a panel on the housing crisis at the South West Regional Conference. What was clear from that discussion was that we must shift away from a housing sector of landlords and investors – instead helping to create more decent, affordable, stable homes. If elected, I will continue to support policy discussions and focus on member participation through debates/events which will help us form a shared regional vision of the next Labour government.
Labour must go into the next election with the strongest manifesto possible, and it’s vital that the climate and ecological crises are front and centre. There is no solution to the climate crisis without a nature recovery; as one of the South West’s NPF reps I would focus not only on the need to reduce carbon emissions, retrofit homes and grow our renewable energy sector but also on increasing our wildlife populations and reducing waste/pesticide pollution.
Please support Matt Williams, Jude Robinson, Judy Wilson and Chris Cuddihee as your other South West representatives.



Kevin Ford

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Candidate Statement

There is something rotten in the State of Denmark says Hamlet , never mind that there is somethig rotten closer to home. The last 2 years I have sat here in Dorset being abused by a Conservative government while my own political allies hae twiddled their thumbs and given wholesale support for a nationwide disaster. Not one display of independent thought that might show that we are not all the same, we do not willingly suck up to so called Professors and Scientists or Political aides.

Ihave been a conference delegate, a branch secretary, a hard nosed manger on the other side of the table and the Chairman of Management/Union gatherings.

I have 2 ears and one mouth and a pretty active intellect. I am fed up and I want to do something for me, fr use, just let me in. Kevin


Jude Robinson

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Candidate Statement

As an active member for many years and a local councillor, I believe that policy discussion and development is absolutely central to Labour’s success going forward. Only by listening to members and stakeholders will we find the radical, affordable and practical solutions to the problems we face after many years of Tory government. I am also a long standing member of the Co-operative Party and know that we achieve more by working together.
Across the South West, as in Cornwall, we face crises in housing and healthcare; our children are being let down as schools face huge challenges from the aftermath of Covid. The economic and environmental potential for green energy and wave power is being ignored by the Tories.
If elected, I will support more policy debates across the South West so that we can make a positive contribution on these issues to Labour’s next manifesto and ensure that our problems and solutions are represented. With new technology, we can involve more members than ever and support dialogue right across our region.
Please also support Chris Cuddihee, Matt Williams and Judy Wilson, plus Ashley Smith as the Youth Representative.


Carol Ann Wilcox

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Candidate Statement

I would like to remain a South West CLP representative on the National Policy Forum in order to make a further contribution to Labour Party policymaking.
During my time on the NPF I have made many submissions covering several policy areas. I have also commented on most submissions made to the Economy Business and Trade commission, sometimes engaging by email with individuals about their submissions.
I have given NPF reports to my CLP but have found it impossible to get them circulated to other South West CLPs. I am a CLP rep on the National Policy Committee and have made suggestions for improvement to the processes.
I believe in taxing wealth and economic rent (unearned income) but not wages, renationalisation of utilities, adequate funding of local authorities, full employment, land value taxation to fix in particular the housing crisis and gross wealth inequality. I believe in using the power of the public purse to allocate real resources to best use (like in WWII).
It is disgraceful that in the world’s 5th richest country we have people living on the streets, pensioners unable to keep warm, parents going hungry to feed their children. Only a socialist Labour government can change this.


Matthew Williams

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Candidate Statement

I’ve lived in the South West for virtually my whole life – I know how the Conservatives take our region for granted, despite having most of the MPs. We’re seeing how our farmers and fishers are being adversely affected by Brexit and the Conservatives’ desperation to sign trade deals.
Having been South West Regional Communications Officer for three and a half years I’ve campaigned all over the region from Truro to Tewkesbury, and from Bristol to Bournemouth. Time and again the same issues keep coming up; housing, transport, healthcare, low pay, to name but a few.
But I also know the tremendous potential our region has, especially in technology and green energy.
If elected, I would be a strong voice for the South West. I would seek vital input from members in urban, rural and coastal communities to ensure we go into the next election with a manifesto that truly represents our region.
Because by winning that election, and having Keir Starmer as Prime Minister, we can then begin to change lives across the South West.
I am also supporting Chris Cuddihee, Jude Robinson and Judy Wilson, plus Ashley Smith as Youth Representative.


Judy Wilson

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Candidate Statement

For 23 years I was a trade union representative in Bristol and I know that we achieve more by working together. I joined the Labour Party to help win elections and it is only by being in power that we can make a difference to people’s lives.
The Tories have devastated our economy and laid waste our public services.
Working people, many on insecure contracts, pay the cost of a broken social care system, many disabled people live in poverty, refugees are not welcome and lack of affordable childcare excludes many women from working.
By listening to local members and stakeholders we will find the radical, affordable and practical solutions to rebuild our public services and rebalance the economy for a sustainable future.
Covid restrictions taught us that we can participate without always having to meet in person and I support accessible policy debates across the South West so that everyone can make positive contributions to Labour’s next manifesto and ensure that our problems and solutions are represented. I promise to involve more members than ever and support dialogue right across our region.
Please also support Chris Cuddihee, Jude Robinson and Matthew Williams plus Ashley Smith as Youth Representative



Zoe Allan

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Candidate Statement

My name’s Zoe Allan, membership number L1393044. I joined Labour in 2015, full of hope. I was proud of our 2017 and 2019 manifestos. I was Acting Sec for Brecon & Radnorshire CLP and led our Senedd election campaign in which we nearly doubled our vote. The radical policies in that manifesto and the success of Welsh Labour in that election mean we have a mandate for real socialism here.
I’m standing to be on the NPF to help influence policy for UK Labour – my particular interest being to end homelessness – and to help demystify the NPF itself. I believe I helped shape Welsh Government’s new action plan on ending homelessness. Saying the right words to the right people can change policy and change lives.
I’ll write reports on all meetings and help spread awareness of how members can influence policy. Many members know they can get a motion passed all the way to Conference but few know they can input into the NPF too. I’ll be available as a conduit for members’ views because the best policies always come from the grassroots.
Please also vote for my slate-fellows Dylan Lewis-Rowlands, Sam Pritchard, Dawn McGuinness, and Sean Thompson.
Fy enw i yw Zoe Allan, rhif aelodaeth L1393044. Ymunais Llafur yn 2015, yn llawn gobaith. Roeddwn yn falch o’n maniffestos ar gyfer 2017 a 2019. Roeddwn yn Ysgrifennydd Dros Dro i CLP Brycheiniog a Sir Faesyfed ac arweiniais ein hymgyrch etholiad Senedd lle bu bron i ni ddyblu ein pleidlais. Mae’r polisïau radical yn y maniffesto a llwyddiant Llafur Cymru yn golygu bod gennym fandad ar gyfer sosialaeth go iawn yma.
Rwy’n sefyll i fod ar yr NPF i helpu ddylanwadu ar bolisi ar gyfer Llafur y DU – fy niddordeb penodol i yw diweddu ddigartrefedd – ac i helpu i ddadrinysu’r NPF. Rwy’n credu fy mod wedi helpu i lunio cynllun gweithredu newydd Llywodraeth Cymru ar roi terfyn ar ddigartrefedd.
Byddaf yn ysgrifennu adroddiadau ar bob cyfarfod ac yn helpu i ledaenu ymwybyddiaeth o sut gall aelodau ddylanwadu polisi. Mae llawer o aelodau’n gwybod gallant gael cynnig wedi’i basio’r holl ffordd i’r Gynhadledd ond ychydig sy’n gwybod y gallant gyfrannu at yr NPF hefyd. Byddaf ar gael fel sianel barn aelodau oherwydd mae’r polisïau gorau bob amser yn dod o’r gwaelod.
Pleidleisiwch hefyd dros fy nghymrodyr; Dylan Lewis-Rowlands, Sam Pritchard, Dawn McGuinness, a Sean Thompson.


Anthony Hunt

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Candidate Statement

As a council leader, I know the importance of Labour being in power. Working with our Labour Welsh Government, we’ve put our people and our communities first – not only during the pandemic but during the years of austerity that preceded them.
In Torfaen we’ve introduced the real Living Wage for our staff, invested in vital services like schools and social care. We were also able to step in and increase discretionary housing payments to those in greatest need impacted by the Tory cut in Universal Credit, to give just one example.
That’s action for social justice that we can take because we’re in power and not restricted to just words in opposition. We see that in Wales, in our councils and our Senedd – now we need a Labour Government at a UK level too.
My time as a councillor has also given me experience of developing policies and making tough choices about priorities – both things we’ll need as we develop the next manifesto. I believe the party can learn a great deal from us in Wales and I want to be a strong voice on the NPF for you.
Please also nominate Tal Michael, Sian Taylor and Shelly Streeter
[email protected]
Fel arweinydd cyngor, gwn pa mor bwysig yw i Lafur bod mewn grym. Gan weithio gyda’n Llywodraeth Lafur Cymru, rydym wedi rhoi ein pobl a’n cymunedau yn gyntaf – nid yn unig yn ystod y pandemig ond yn ystod y blynyddoedd o galedi cyn hynny.
Yn Nhorfaen rydym wedi sicrhau Cyflog Byw go iawn i’n staff, a buddsoddi mewn gwasanaethau hanfodol fel ysgolion a gofal cymdeithasol. Wnaethom cynyddu’r Taliad Tai Dewisol i’r sawl effeithiwyd y mwyaf gan doriad y Torïaid yn Credyd Cynhwysol, i roi un enghraifft yn unig.
Dyna gamau dros gyfiawnder cymdeithasol y gallwn eu cymryd oherwydd ein bod mewn grym ac nid yn gyfyngedig i eiriau gwrthblaid yn unig. Gwelwn hynny yng Nghymru, yn ein cynghorau ac yn ein Senedd – nawr mae angen Llywodraeth Lafur ar lefel y DU hefyd.
Mae fy nghyfnod fel cynghorydd hefyd wedi rhoi profiad i mi o ddatblygu polisïau a gwneud dewisiadau anodd am flaenoriaethau – y ddau beth y bydd eu hangen arnom wrth i ni ddatblygu’r maniffesto nesaf. Rwy’n credu y gall y blaid ddysgu llawer gennym ni yng Nghymru ac rwyf am fod yn llais cryf i chi ar yr NPF.
Enwebwch hefyd Tal Michael, Sian Taylor a Shelly Streeter


Dawn McGuinness

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Candidate Statement

I am a committed socialist and lifelong Labour voter. I was inspired to join the party in 2017 by Jeremy Corbyn and his message of hope for a better future for the many. I am a member of both Unite and Unison. I am the Treasurer for Aberconwy CLP and have also represented our CLP as their delegate at both UK and Welsh Conference. I was proud to campaign to elect Mark Drakeford as leader for Welsh Labour, who has proven that when we are authentically Labour we can win elections. I was very proud to be selected by our CLP as their Senedd Candidate for the 2021 Senedd Election.
I am keen to be a part of the NPF to ensure that we maintain many of the policies that made up our 2017 and 2019 manifestos. Almost all of those policies were very popular with the electorate on the doorstep. Many of which would have protected the most vulnerable in our society from the hardships of the pandemic and that they currently face due to the cost of living crisis.
I would like to recommend that comrades also support Zoe Allen, Dylan Lewis-Rowlands, Sam Pritchard and Sean Thompson.


Tal Michael

Membership Number


Candidate Statment

I’ve been a footsoldier, councillor, CLP Secretary, candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner and the Senedd. I know what we need on the doorstep and TV studios to support Keir Starmer, Mark Drakeford and Labour to Win. Currently lead advice charity. Former Chair, Wales Co‐operative Party. GMB member. Grew up in South Wales now living in North.

My experience leading on policy for councils in London and Yorkshire before returning to Wales to lead a Police Authority means I know the difference between implementing policies that change lives and empty slogans. My policy priorities:
Reform tax and benefits to support those who can’t work and those on low wages to keep most earnings
tax wealth
promote economic and social development here and abroad including equalities and human rights
radically reduce carbon emissions
Promote peace and security for all through international alliances especially NATO.
Reforming the UK on a federalist, pluralist model

As NPF rep I would promote active dialogue with CLPs and ensure UK documents reflect the work of our Welsh Labour Government. I support the Welsh Language and I am happy to communicate in Welsh.

Please also nominate Siân Taylor, Shelly Streeter and Anthony Hunt

[email protected]

Dwi’di bod ar y rheng flaen, yn Gynghorydd, Ysgrifennydd Etholaeth, ymgeisydd Comisiynydd Heddlu a Throsedd a’r Senedd. Gwn beth da ni angen ar garreg yr aelwyd a theledu i gefnogi Keir Starmer, Mark Drakeford a Llafur i Ennill. Dwi’n arwain elusen gynghori. Cyn Cadeirydd, Plaid Gydweithredol Cymru. Aelod GMB. Magwyd yn Ne Cymru ac yn byw yn y Gogledd.

Wnes i arwain ar bolisi i gynghorau yn Llundain a Swydd Efrog cyn dychwelyd i Gymru i arwain Awdurdod Heddlu. Dwi eisiau gweithredu polisïau i newid bywydau nid sloganau gwag. Fy mlaenoriaethau polisi:
Diwygio treth a budd-daliadau i gefnogi’r bobl sy fethu gweithio a phobl ar gyflogau isel i gadw rhan fwyaf o’u henillion
Treth ar gyfoeth
Hyrwyddo datblygiad economaidd a chymdeithasol yma a thramor gan gynnwys cydraddoldeb a hawliau dynol
Lleihau yn sylweddol allyriadau carbon
Hyrwyddo heddwch a diogelwch i bawb trwy gynghreiriau rhyngwladol yn enwedig NATO.
Diwygio’r DU ar fodel ffederalaidd, lluosog

Fel cynrychiolydd yr NPF byddwn yn hyrwyddo deialog efo CLPs a sicrhau bod dogfennau Llafur y DU yn adlewyrchu gwaith ein Llywodraeth Lafur Cymru. Dwi’n cefnogi’r iaith Gymraeg ac yn hapus i gyfathrebu yn y Gymraeg.

Plîs enwebwch hefyd Siân Taylor, Shelly Streeter ac Anthony Hunt.

[email protected]



Sam Pritchard

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I am a proud Socialist and Trade Unionist from Swansea East CLP. I joined the Labour Party at the age of 18 to fight for workers rights and social justice. Our next manifesto must radically address the problems and inequality caused by the Conservative Party. We must be bold in offering a message of hope and empowerment.
Previously I served on the National Policy Forum (2015-2018) where I advocated for advancing worker control, empowering trade unions, fair taxation, increasing the number of co-operatives and tackling tax avoidance by large companies.
I am very active within the Labour movement being elected as a councillor in 2017 and holding several positions such as CLP Chair and Branch Secretary. Formerly I also served as the Chair of the Wales Co-operative Party. I am a proud member of Unite the Union and PCS.
I would encourage members to also support Dawn McGuinness, Sean Thompson, Zoe Allan and Dylan Lewis-Rowlands.


Shelly Streeter

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I’ve been secretary of Alyn and Deeside CLP for ten years, Labour member for 22. I’m a former Welsh Executive and Welsh Policy Forum member. If elected I’m happy to visit CLPs, discuss your ideas and present them to the policy forum. A vote for me will give you a realistic, pragmatic voice. Our next manifesto must once again excite and invigorate UK voters. We know the Tories are utterly failing but we must strengthen the reasons to vote Labour. I aim to help develop policies to support people: to ensure we reach those disenfranchised by poverty and invest in those without a voice. We must ensure that businesses large, small and sole are with us in our mission, supporting them post COVID19 and ensuring secure jobs and mandating the real living wage. We must develop policy to move privatised utilities to a not for profit model, building on the success of Mark Drakeford’s government in Wales. We must be honest and pragmatic to provide robust policies that support everyone. Post Brexit recovery the NHS, fuel poverty and housing must be key parts of our next manifesto.

Please also nominate Siân Taylor, Tal Michael and Anthony Hunt.
[email protected]

Dwi di bod yn ysgrifennydd etholaeth Alun a Glannau Dyfrdwy ers degawd, aelod Llafur 22 mlynedd. Dwi’n cyn-aelod Pwyllgor Gwaith Cymru a Fforwm Polisi Cymru. Os caf fy ethol dwi’n hapus i ymweld â CLPs, trafod eich syniadau a’u cyflwyno i’r fforwm polisi. Bydd pleidlais i mi yn rhoi llais realistig, pragmatig ichi. Rhaid i’n maniffesto nesaf gyffroi a bywiogi pleidleiswyr unwaith eto. Gwyddom fod y Torïaid yn methu’n llwyr ond rhaid cryfhau’r rhesymau dros bleidleisio dros Lafur. Fy nod yw helpu i ddatblygu polisïau i gefnogi pobl: ar gyfer y sawl sydd wedi’u difreintio gan dlodi a buddsoddi yn y sawl heb lais. Rhaid inni sicrhau bod busnesau mawr, bach ac unig gyda ni yn ein cenhadaeth, yn cefnogi nhw yn sgil COVID19 a sicrhau swyddi diogel ar sail cyflog byw go iawn. Rhaid inni ddatblygu polisi i symud cyfleustodau wedi’u preifateiddio i fodel di-elw, gan adeiladu ar lwyddiant llywodraeth Mark Drakeford yng Nghymru. Rhaid inni fod yn onest ac yn bragmatig i ddarparu polisïau cadarn sy’n cefnogi pawb. Mae’n rhaid i’r GIG, tlodi tanwydd a thai fod yn rhan allweddol o’n maniffesto nesaf ar ôl Brexit.

Enwebwch Siân Taylor, Tal Michael ac Anthony Hunt
[email protected]


Sian Taylor

Membership Number


Candidate Statement
I have been a Labour Party member since 1986, and am currently a member of Swansea West CLP

The need for us to remember Clause 1, and be able to bring a clearly thought out, achievable manifesto that will lead to the election of a Labour government has never been greater – and this is why I am standing as a Welsh member for election to NPF.

I would bring with me the experience of a 40+ year career in community nursing and a six year term as an Oxford city councillor – during which time I served as group whip and sat on a range of committees and scrutiny groups.

Throughout I have demonstrated a firm commitment to reducing inequalities, but recognise that there is little hope of achieving this without a clear national policy framework which identifies the needs of all parts of the UK. The next Labour Government must work alongside the devolved Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish governments and recognise the importance of Labour in local government if we are to achieve our aims and build a fairer and more equal society.

Please also support Anthony Hunt, Tal Michael and Shelly Streeter

Rwyf wedi bod yn aelod o’r Blaid Lafur ers 1986, ac rwan yn aelod yn etholaeth Gorllewin Abertawe.

Mae’n angenrheidiol i ni gofio Cymal 1, a dod â maniffesto cyflawnadwy sydd wedi’i feddwl yn glir ac a fydd yn arwain at ethol llywodraeth Lafur – a dyma pam yr wyf yn sefyll i gynrychioli Cymru ar yr NPF.

Byddwn yn dod â phrofiad gyrfa 40+ mlynedd mewn nyrsio cymunedol gyda mi a thymor o chwe blynedd fel cynghorydd yn Ninas Rhydychen. Yn ystod y cyfnod hwnnw bûm yn gwasanaethu fel chwip y grŵp ac yn eistedd ar ystod o bwyllgorau a grwpiau craffu.

Drwy’r cyfan rwyf wedi dangos ymrwymiad cadarn i leihau anghydraddoldebau, ond yn cydnabod nad oes fawr o obaith o gyflawni hyn heb fframwaith polisi cenedlaethol clir sy’n nodi anghenion pob rhan o’r DU. Rhaid i’r Llywodraeth Lafur nesaf weithio ochr yn ochr â llywodraethau datganoledig yr Alban, Cymru a Gogledd Iwerddon a chydnabod pwysigrwydd Llafur mewn llywodraeth leol os ydym am gyflawni ein nodau ac adeiladu cymdeithas decach a mwy cyfartal.

Cefnogwch hefyd Anthony Hunt, Tal Michael a Shelly Streeter os gwelwch yn dda.

Sean Thompson

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I have been an active trade unionist all my life and am currently a member of Unite Community. I first joined the Party in 1963, left in response to the abandonment of Clause Four under Tony Blair and rejoined, alongside 300,000 others (luckily, mainly much younger than me), enthused by the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Leader. I have held various officer positions at Branch and Constituency level and in my union over the years and am a member of SERA and the Socialist Health Association, as well as an active supporter of Labour for a Green New Deal and Red Green Labour.
As the former Director of a campaigning organisation of disabled people I have considerable experience of both policy development and lobbying, and as a member of the NPF, I would like to play a part in updating and refining our policies in the spirit of those so inspiringly set out in our 2017 and 2019 manifestos and at our 2021 National Conference.
I would urge comrades to also support Dawn McGuinness, Sam Pritchard, Zoe Allen and Dylan Lewis-Rowlands


Youth Representative – Wales

Dylan Lewis-Rowlands

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I am Dylan Lewis-Rowlands, a member of Ceredigion CLP and my membership number is L1751191. I have been an active Welsh Labour Party member for over 4 years now, since the age of 16, and a proud Trade Unionist and Socialist since before then. I am also proud to say that I was selected by Ceredigion CLP’s members to be their Senedd Candidate in the 2021 Senedd Elections, being Welsh Labours youngest candidate, at 19 years of age. In that election I brought the party from 5th to 3rd, beating the LibDems and a 75% increase in our vote. I am active in Unite Community and on Unite Wales’ Youth Committee, and within various young political groups. I have been proud to also serve as a Branch Secretary, a CLP Assistant Secretary and Vice Chair, as well as a Youth Officer and 2 time delegate to both UK and Welsh Conferences, 2019 and 2021/2022 (for different CLPs).
Areas of policy dear to my heart include; Mental Health, (an ethical) Foreign Policy, Autism, the Welsh Language, Devolution, and a Radical and Democratic Economic and Environmental Vision.
I am proud to stand alongside; Zoe Allan, Sam Pritchard, Dawn McGuinness, and Sean Thompson.


West Midlands

Olivia Birch

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

Dear Friends

By way of introduction, I’m a member of both Labour & Co-operative Parties and elected councillor in Bilston North, Wolverhampton. I have been a member of the Labour Party for over 8 years and grassroots activist and organiser. I am also the Chair of Wolverhampton South East CLP and work closely with the Labour Party in Wolverhampton.

Away from the Labour Party, I am a board director of both Revolver Fairtrade Coffee Co-operative & Midcounties Co-operative. I’m also a member of the Executive of Central Midland Coop Party as Midcounties Co-operative’s representive. I am a proud member of Community Union and have represented my union and constituency as a delegate at Labour Party Conference.

I’m pro-EU and a huge supporter of our leader Keir Starmar. I want to get involved in the National Policy Forum and use my experience to help increase member engagement in policy making. It is also crucial for me that we continue to build on our policy agenda and work towards a Labour Government & future EFTA cooperation.

I am also delighted to endorse the other candidates Jack Deakin, Sid Khan and Kindy Sandhu.

Olivia Birch


Teresa Beddis


Candidate Statement
I currently represent the West Midlands Region on the Economy Business and Trade Policy Forum. I have attended almost 100% of meetings – either in person or Zoom. Throughout my time I have always tried to get the voices of our region heard and represented. Unfortunately this has been a battle sometimes as far too much time is spent on hearing the views of experts as opposed to members. I am unashamedly a socialist. I stood as PPC in Meriden in 2019 on a socialist platform. I have been both saddened and angered in the last two years by the numbers of good socialists leaving the Party as a result of either demoralisation, suspension or expulsion. I want our Party to be far more democratic – where the views of members are respected and listened to. I commit myself to continuing the work of representing members throughout our region and to this end will make myself available to attend Party meetings to hear views and inform about the NPF.

Jack Deakin

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I started campaigning for this party the day after I joined because my absolute mission is Labour’s mission – winning power, changing lives. I am working as hard as I can to help get Keir Starmer through the doors of No.10 Downing Street. Whether it’s taking on voluntary roles within the party, putting my values on the front line by standing for election, or working to better our party when it matters most.
I am a councillor, a member of The Co-Op party, and I work in Further Education and the NHS with a wide array of policy interests. I know what it’s like to grow up poor on free school meals because I lived that as a child.
The National Policy Forum is an important body that helps mould our message to the public by forming policies that speak to the issues, concerns and challenges facing our country. I want Labour to win, to do that we can never again fail to listen to the public. Labour has changed for the better, and I, Olivia Birch, Kindy Sandhu and Sid Khan want to be part of that. Vote for the four of us for sensible politics and increased membership engagement.


Saheed Khan

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I come from a traditional and proud working-class Labour family and community. I have recently retired from the Armed Forces after 26 years’ service and having worked across government departments.
As a Labour Party member, I have been actively involved in campaigning in elections both locally and nationally. I am a member of Labour Friends of the Forces and have experience as a CLP BAME Officer and am Vice Chair Membership. I am honored to be selected to stand as a first-time candidate in a Tory held ward.
I enjoy talking with and listening to people from all walks of life. In my Community Engagement role, I’ve seen our communities desperately need a Labour Government. The National Policy Forum is key for members to get our voice to where it can be heard and to help define our Party’s policies. I will work tirelessly to encourage wide policy engagement and to be accessible to members.
Under Keir Starmer the Labour Party is moving away from being a party of opposition to being a Government in waiting. We need to continue building on this clear direction for a brighter future, a better Britain.
Please also nominate Birch, Deakin, Sandhu.


Kasim Muflahi

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I first joined Labour in 1998 and took a break to raise a family in 2010; but returned to the fold in 2020. I’m currently Political Education Officer for Birmingham Edgbaston CLP. I’m currently developing a method to revamp Labour’s structure and procedures by introducing a comprehensive hierarchical structure; adopt a Project Management Methodology; and introduce a system of accountability.
The hierarchical structure will enable data to be collected at the lowest level e.g. ward level, and aggregated up the hierarchy to the NEC. At each level, members will be able to paint a heat map of the lower levels for each policy area so that resources can be distributed effectively to the worst affected areas; and share best practice from those that are run more efficiently. This will enable policy development to fulfil people’s and business needs. Project Management will enable projects to be delivered efficiently and effectively. Accountability will ensure that members are accountable for their duties.
I’m currently campaigning on behalf of our Bartley Green candidate – once they’re selected. This is part of Birmingham’s Local Elections; which will be a tough call as the Tory candidates are in a powerful position in a Tory ward.


Kindy Sandhu


Candidate Statement

I was elected as a councillor in 2018. I took Earlsdon ward in Coventry from the Tories with 46% of the vote, where Labour hadn’t won for 22 years. I am Cabinet Member for Education and Skills and see how the education cuts are severely damaging our children’s future. My backstory is a ‘child of post-war immigrants’ but even then I started further back than most. My father could not read nor write anything. This meant that our access to free school meals for example was beyond our reach. This has shaped my strong belief in the need to remove poverty, poor housing, defunded education, and health inequalities. I believe that the key to winning the next election is to engage with our communities on a daily/weekly basis and not just during an election campaign. This way we rebuild faith in our party and move towards election victory. Removing budget cuts to local government would go a long way to restoring families’ quality of life. We need to defend our NHS and BBC from Tory onslaught. I am trade unionist (Unite). Member of Co-op Party and Fabians. I recommend also nominating Sid Khan, Jack Deakin, Olivia Birch.

Youth Representative – West Midlands

Lauren Davison

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Candidate Statement

I’m standing to be an NPF rep for the West Midlands because I know how important our region is, if we want to secure a path back to power.

I’m proud to live in Stoke-on-Trent – a city that fell to the Tories in 2019. From a green industrial revolution, to building more council houses, there are many great policy ideas which could benefit areas like mine. But they will only be implemented if we elect reps like myself, who are bold enough to push for them.

Having been a CLP Policy Officer and currently sitting as Open Labour’s Co-Policy Officer, I believe I have the experience and willingness to represent our members, and advocate for the policies that matter to them – without fear or favour.

If elected I will always be approachable, inclusive and open-minded. I will make a balanced evaluation of all ideas, rather than letting factionalism and sectarianism prevent Labour members’ voices in the West Midlands from being heard. To win back our region, Labour must move away from being London-centric, listen to what we have to say, and then act.

I hope I can count on your vote.


Jamie Scott

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Candidate Statement

I’ve been in the party for 11 years and have over 4 years experience working at the heart of putting Labour policy into practice having worked for two Labour Police and Crime Commissioners in the West Midlands as well having previously been a candidate myself and Labour Students club Chair.

Keir Starmer has my full support and as your representative I will be working tirelessly to ensure he is our next Prime Minister and we have a Labour Government after the next general election.

To do that it is vital that Labour has the right policies to go to the country with and to win. Young people have been hit incredibly hard by Tory policies since 2010, as well as the pandemic. It is essential that our party hears from young people as part of the way we develop policy.

I am committed to being an accessible representative who will always have time to hear from young members. I will run policy events for young people to ensure you have your voices heard in the development of the next manifesto.

I’d encourage you to vote for Birch, Deakin, Khan and Sandhu with your other National Policy Forum votes.


Yorkshire & The Humber

Lisa Banes

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Candidate Statement

I’m really excited to put myself forward to continue to serve and represent our region’s members on the National Policy Forum. As well as being a current NPF rep for Yorkshire and the Humber, I’m Policy Officer for my home CLP of Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough, and a branch chair.
I’m putting myself forward again because there aren’t many others like me serving on our party’s committees: I’m a young(ish) woman with young children, a council tenant, and a charity worker on a low income. Born and raised in Barnsley, I grew up seeing the effects of Thatcher’s assault on public finances, and it is horrific to see how these policies are now being continued under this appalling Conservative government.
I’m one of the people who our party seeks to help through winning the next general election, and the truth is that we need the voices of people like me around the tables where decisions are being made in order to ensure that our policies truly meet the needs of those we are seeking to serve.
Please also nominate Hasnain Khan, Julia Rockett, Alice Smart.


Carole Doherty


Candidate Statement
Now is the time for party unity and it is crucial that those elected to the NPF embrace this and encompass ALL that is good in OUR party, as this is what our voters want to hear and see.
An active party member for the last 6 years, as CLP Secretary I’ve expanded my knowledge of the Labour Party and know we can do so much more with the right manifesto, and with policies that are real and meaningful for our members and communities.
I believe in and campaign for votes for young people at 16, against austerity cuts, for public ownership of our utilities (most of which are now owned by companies in other countries) actively oppose privatisation of our wonderful NHS and public sector. Indeed, I am currently National Officer for my Trade Union, and we have successfully campaigned to bring the organisation I represent back into the public sector following the disastrous privatisation in 2014.
If elected I will listen to and provide regular feedback to members.
I hope you will nominate me and my Grassroots comrades, Jack Ballingham (Youth), Rashida Islam, George McManus and Riaz Meer.

John Grogan


Candidate Statement
From 1997 to 2010 I was the MP for Selby and from 2017-2019 for Keighley and I should like to use that experience to help deliver a progressive manifesto around which the Party can unite . I think it is crucial that the delegates to the forum elected by ordinary members work closely with those representing the trade unions and I think I could help in that process . I think it is also essential that the Party fights the election on a platform of real devolution to Yorkshire and Humber with the transfer of significant power and resources . I am a former Chair of the Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform and remain committed to that cause . At the request of the National Union of Mineworkers I also chaired the last but one deep coal mine to close ( employee owned Hatfield Colliery ) from 2013-2015 so I understand the importance of a just transition to net zero . I was Co-Chair of the leadership campaign for Keir Starmer in West Yorkshire although whilst an MP I voted against the whip on issues such as the Iraq War . I would aim to be a strong , loyal , independent minded Yorkshire and Humber voice in the Forum

Rashida Islam

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Candidate Statement

I have been an active member since 2015. Currently Branch Secretary, I
organise regular meetings, keeping members engaged and informed and encouraging members from marginalised groups to participate.
This government’s covid strategy discriminates against poor people, disabled people, BAME communities and women who are disproportionately impacted by long covid, while underfunding and privatising our NHS. Furthermore, the government is whipping up racism against BAME people and refugees through its Nationality and Borders Bill.
Instead of whipping up division this government should be focusing on protecting public health and ensuring the UK plays its part to prevent global temperatures from rising by 1.5 degrees.
Labour must be a broad church and chart an alternative path. Labour must be determined to tackle Climate Change, end fossil fuel dependency, halt the march to military escalation and withdraw from the AUKUS treaty which is a direct provocation to China.
We need global cooperation against covid and climate change not more racism and war. If elected, I will be an advocate for members in Yorkshire and the Humber and provide regular feedback.
Please nominate me and the Grassroots slate, Jack Ballingham (Youth), Carole Doherty, Rias Meer and George McManus.


George McManus

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Candidate Statement

This year’s elections to the NPF must reinforce the principle that the Party is still a Broad Church which will be key to winning the next General Election. Voters will not vote for a divided party.

I have always been a Grassroots activist campaigning for policies advocated by CLP members.

I’ve been an elected and active member of the NPF, representing Yorkshire and the Humber since 1997. I was removed from the ballot paper in 2018 due to being suspended on anti semitism allegations, a suspension which was subsequently lifted.

Since 1997, I’ve visited 40 CLPs in the region, listening to members and providing feedback.

I’ve campaigned for the repeal of anti-trade union legislation, Justice for Palestinians, votes at 16, against privatising the NHS, PFI and nuclear weapons, for public ownership of utilities and transport, to end charitable status for public schools and against austerity economics.

If elected, I will continue to act as your advocate, listen to members and provide regular feedback Please nominate me and my Grassroots comrades, Jack Ballingham (Youth), Carole Doherty, Rashida Islam and Riaz Meer.


Riaz Meer

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Candidate Statement

I believe the development of a bold and transformative set of policies are essential to bring Labour back into power. We must speak to the people and show that we understand their struggles.
I am a committed Trade Unionist and member of the BECTU Sector of Prospect, leading on campaigns to end discrimination in the Film and TV Industry. I have recently published a report into Entertainment Sector Trade Unions and their role in representing the needs of Black and ethnic minority workers. I hope to bring this expertise to the NPF.
I’m interested in developing Labour Party policy with a focus on atypical workers (freelancers, self-employed and those on precarious contracts), and have actively campaigned on public transport including fighting for a better deal for bus passengers.
A delegate to last year’s Labour Party Conference, I was a strong advocate for the proposition of a Green New Deal.
If elected I will report back and give a voice to grassroots members, and work for a truly transformative manifesto. Please nominate me and my grassroots comrades Jack Ballingham (Youth). Carole Doherty, Rashida Islam and George McManus.


Nesar Rafiq

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Candidate Statement

I suffer from a number of long term disabilities ,am of British Pakistani origin and Muslim .life has given me a understanding of the issues faced by marginalised people in terms of economic activity ,benefit and disability related income poverty and health poverty .also how marginalised people are cut of from society .I have been a member of the Labour Party and trade unions for many years .I want to see more done for marginalised people hence why I’m standing for this position .I have been called to the UK Bar .I both work and also study .Very active in my local Labour Party ward ,CLP,branch ,GMB union and trades Council.I promise to speak up for all members people and ensure things change for the better .


Julia Rockett

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Candidate Statement

“Shouting slogans or changing lives” – I know which option I prefer. Thanks to Keir Starmer’s leadership, the Labour Party is a serious opposition ready for government. Starmer looks like a Prime Minister in waiting backed by a strong Shadow Cabinet.
I’m an active Labour Party member, I campaign every weekend across the Yorkshire region and work for a local MP as an Administrative Officer in the constituency office.
I’m standing for the NPF to represent ordinary working people and I know only too well the struggles we have under the current Tory government. I’m a working class mum of 4 and I remember the support me and my children received when I was a single parent under the last Labour government including Working Tax Credits, Child Trust Funds and Sure Start – all swept away by the subsequent coalition and Tory administrations.
I know the difference a Labour government will make to millions of people and I want to help shape the policies that will change lives for the better.


Alice Smart

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Candidate Statement

My name is Alice Smart and I’m a proud Labour councillor, campaigner and new mum. I joined the Labour Party as a teenager over a decade ago and have campaigned for our party in every election since then.
Since 2014, I’ve been proud to represent Armley on Leeds City Council and have held a number of roles including Labour Group Campaign Co-ordinator from 2016 to 2018 and am currently the Deputy Executive Member for Communities. I’m also a proud member of Unite the Union and Labour Women’s Network and was part of the first cohort of the Jo Cox Women in Leadership Programme.

If elected to the National Policy Forum, my number one priority will be shaping policies that will help Labour win the next election and regain support in our region. Winning the trust of voters in Yorkshire and Humber will be key to winning the next General Election and giving Keir Starmer the keys to Number 10.


Youth Representative – Yorkshire and Humber

Jack Ballingham

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Candidate Statement

I have been a member of the Labour Party since October 2018, and Youth Officer for Beverley and Holderness CLP since summer 2019. I was youth delegate for my CLP to last year’s Party conference, where I supported progressive policies and voted to defend the power of members. While studying, I served as Co-Chair of my university’s Labour Club. I currently work as a full-time elected sabbatical officer at my students’ union, and have a particular interest in education and foreign policy.
I firmly believe in the power of Labour members, and in their full participation in democratically deciding Labour’s policy. As a young person, I understand how crucial radical, progressive policy has been in driving the huge surge in youth support for the Labour Party in the last decade. To ensure Labour wins the next election, advocating for progressive policy is absolutely essential. Young members’ voices must be heard.
As your youth representative on the NPF, I would be open, accountable and transparent about my activity. I would be very grateful if you could lend me your nomination and vote, and if you could also support my other Grassroots comrades: Carole Doherty, Rashida Islam, George McManus and Riaz Meer.


Will Brown

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Candidate Statement

Like many young members in our party, I am too young to remember the last Labour government. Nevertheless, we continue to see the benefits that Labour in Downing Street had everyday. From the NHS to the introduction of the Minimum Wage, these are the policies that Labour is built on and the policies I’ll campaign for.
For too long, Yorkshire & Humber has been overlooked by Westminster. I’m standing to change that. Since joining the party, I have campaigned in our Local, National and European elections and currently serve as Campaign Secretary to Hull University Labour.
I understand that Labour is more than the sum of its membership and we must listen to the public, nevertheless, it is members like you, that are committed to door-knocking, that understand the needs of our constituents.
Therefore, if returned as your NPF representative, I’ll work tirelessly in every corner of our diverse region to help make your voices heard – ensuring no area is left behind.
Let’s inject the NPF with some new youthful energy and together, we can put Labour back on the path to power so our policy discussions can become a reality.
Please also nominate Banes, Khan, Rockett and Smart.


Hasnain Qamar Rashid Bhatti Khan

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Candidate Statement

I am a Student Doctor at the University of Sheffield.
I understand my purpose in life is to help those vulnerable in our society. I was the President of the Sheffield Medical Society where I was the lead voice for the 1300 medical students. During the early stages of the pandemic, medical students wanted to step-up and play their role supporting those NHS staff on the frontline.
I set-up the volunteering task force ‘Sheffield Medical Students Helping Hands’. We had over 400 medical students signed-up to work in hospitals, GPs, community centres and babysitting services for NHS staff. I was grateful to receive a BEM in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List for ‘services to healthcare in South Yorkshire during COVID-19’.
As Chair of the Yorkshire Socialist Health Association (SHA) and regional delegate to SHA Central Council, I run ‘Rethink Healthcare’ policy workshops on ‘Health Inequalities’ and ‘Social Care’ at Yorkshire CLPs/BLPs designed to formally understand the key health issues in communities and policy ideas our Labour Party members want acted on. I will launch a similar structure as your regional NPF rep to set my agenda in creating national policy.
Please nominate Lisa Banes, Alice Smart, Julia Rockett, Will Brown.


NPF Local Government Representatives (Div IV)

Ten positions. Four each to be elected by the Local Government Association Labour group and the Association of Labour Councillors, at least two each of whom shall be women; and one representative of the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities Labour group and one from the Welsh Local Government Association Labour Group.


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