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Local Labour Parties are a hive of organisational activity, and there is always a place for you to get involved. As well as attending events, campaigning and supporting the work of existing role holders, there are various roles you can look to hold to represent the Labour Party. From the various CLP positions, to being a councillor or standing as a candidate for office, find out more about them today.

Roles in your local party

All CLPs have six key officers – including roles such as Chair or Secretary – who run the CLP. CLPs also have the ability to add additional Co-ordinator roles who will help the officers with particular tasks. This means CLPs have the flexibility to have Executive Committees (EC) that suit their particular circumstances, but not all CLPs have all the roles detailed below, and they will not always be full voting members of the EC. Each CLP will be different, and our party is always evolving, so if you’re interested in finding out more, why not get in touch with your local party to understand the makeup of yours?

CLP Chair

Leads the local party, heads up meetings and has final say on all the big decisions.

CLP Secretary

The organised figurehead of the local party who makes sure everything gets done.

CLP Treasurer

Takes charge of the CLP’s finances and makes sure everything is above board.

CLP Vice Chair

Fills in when the Chair isn’t available and helps the other officers make sure everything gets done.

CLP Membership Officer

Makes sure members feel valued and are up to date with how they can get involved.

CLP Women's Officer

Represents women members and makes sure the local party engages with women voters.

CLP Disability Co-ordinator

Represents disabled members and makes sure the local party engages with disabled voters.

CLP BAME Co-ordinator

Represents BAME members and makes sure the local party engages with Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority voters.

CLP Youth Co-ordinator

Represents young members and makes sure the local party engages with young voters.

CLP LGBT Co-ordinator

Represents LGBT members and makes sure the local party engages with LGBT voters.

CLP Campaign Co-ordinator

Leads on the planning and delivery of all kinds of constituency based campaigning.


Learn more about the role of Councillors and the difference Labour Councillors make in their local communities.

Branch Chair

The link between branch and CLP, organises branch meetings and ensures members feel welcomed.

Branch Secretary

Makes sure that everyone in their branch is kept up to date with all local activity and gives everyone the chance to get involved.

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