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Representing Labour

CLP BAME Co-ordinator

What is the role?

Engaging with and representing the views of Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority voters is hugely important to the Labour Party – to ensure the views of these communities are not only listened to, but are reflected in Labour’s policy making. BAME Co-ordinators are at the forefront of this, ensuring that people’s views are heard, and BAME people feel welcomed and empowered in the party.

What are they responsible for?

BAME Co-ordinators are responsible for welcoming and bringing BAME members together, to empower each other and share knowledge and skills. Depending on what BAME members want to see, they aim to make the events as fun and diverse as possible.

We want to make sure Labour’s campaigns are relevant to BAME communities, so a key part of the Co-ordinators’ role is reaching out and working with those communities in the local area. Through this outreach they’ll be  recruiting more members into the Labour Party and – with a bit of training and of course some fun social events – helping those members make the all important jump from member to activist.

Ultimately, at the heart of this role is a sincere aim to help continue to build an inclusive party for BAME members, and the desire to play a leading role in making sure your local party campaigns to win BAME votes at every election.

How do I get in touch?

Why not get in touch with your party and see if this role is currently held, or whether there might be an opportunity for you to stand for election at the next AGM? If your CLP does already have a BAME Co-ordinator, your Local Contact should be able to give you their details to get in touch.

Our National Women and Equalities Officer will be able to tell you more the role. You can reach her at [email protected].

Another great resource is BAME Labour – the affiliated group that represents and supports the interests of BAME Labour Party members and supporters. You can get in touch with them at or by emailing [email protected]


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Representing Labour

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