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CLP Campaign Co-ordinator

What is the role?

Campaign Co-ordinators work closely with their Constituency Labour Party to lead on the planning and delivery of all kinds of constituency based campaigning. Campaigning in the Labour Party is everyone’s job, but it’s the job of the Campaign Co-ordinator to develop a campaign plan and make sure it is followed. It‘s an incredibly varied role that involves working with everyone from new activists and experienced volunteers to candidates, councillors and MPs, as well as Regional Party staff. CLP Campaign Co-ordinators either elected by their CLP’s Campaign Committee (if the CLP has one) or at constituency annual general meetings (AGMs).

What are they responsible for?

One week you can be leading a series of local door knocking sessions in different parts of your constituency, working with residents to improve their communities. The next week you might be meeting with other Officers in your CLP to plan out your election campaign.

Being a CLP Campaign Co-ordinator is a demanding role, especially at election time, but it is also incredibly rewarding. It is a brilliant feeling when you help, or you win an election; knowing that Labour will make an improvement to people’s lives in your community. If you are a seasoned campaigner, want to make a difference in your community and are a real ‘people person’ this could be the ideal role for you.

How do I find out more?

If your CLP already has a Campaign Co-ordinator, your Local Contact should be able to give you their details. Getting involved in a few campaigns before being elected to the official role is a good idea as you’ll be organising campaigns and advising others, so experience is key! The Labour Party is an army of volunteers – and that’s never truer than at CLP level. The more people get involved, the better and more sophisticated campaigns we can take on.

If you haven’t already got a CLP Campaign Co-ordinator in your area then get in touch with your Local Contact about what the role entails and the procedure for standing for election.

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