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CLP Chair

What is the role?

Local parties depend on leadership from the CLP Chair. They’re there to support all of the other officers and lead on the local parties campaigning strategy as well as to make sure that meetings run smoothly. Chairs are also a key contact for members; pointing them in the right direction, motivating them to get involved and making sure they’re clued up on the CLP’s campaigns.

What are they responsible for?

CLP Chairs (as you can guess from their name) chair meetings, making sure they run smoothly, are conducted in a respectful, comradely way in accordance with the Labour Party rules. They are there to provide a warm welcome for all members and ensure they have a stake in the direction of the constituency party. Chairs also organise follow up meetings to ensure the CLP are sticking to the plan!

CLP Chairs have an overview of the whole CLP and they help all of the other officers, ensuring that everyone supports each other in their roles. With so much work being done by volunteers, it’s crucial that everyone works together so that the CLP can as effectively as possible.

How do I get in touch?

Your Local Contact can put you in touch with your CLP Chair. If you have any questions about the role of CLP Chair, you can email the Membership Team at [email protected].


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