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CLP Treasurer

What is the role?

Campaigns cost money, so Treasurers have a key role to play in ensuring every CLP has the funds they need to run effective, well resourced campaigns. A Treasurer needs an eye for detail and a head for figures as well as a great understanding of the rules and regulations of party funding.

What are they responsible for?

In short, Treasurers are responsible for ensuring local parties have the funds they need to run effective campaigns. This involves setting and monitoring budgets, and often leading on fundraising. They’re also required to keep meticulous financial records, and report on these throughout the year.

It’s a lot of responsibility, but hugely rewarding too as Treasurers are vital to running a successful campaign. Treasurers work closely with the other Officers of the CLP to plan, work to and stay on track with a budget.

How do I find out more?

If you’re interested in helping with fundraising in your CLP, or being a Treasurer in the future, contact your CLP Secretary, or your Local Contact (whose details are on your membership card and digital membership card) and let them know you’d like to help out.

For more information on being a Treasurer, you can also contact the Governance and Legal Unit at [email protected].

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