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CLP Vice Chair

What is the role?

Each CLP has an elected team of Officers known as the Executive Committee, and the Vice Chair form part of this team. Along with the other officers, the Vice Chair contributes to the strategic direction and development of the CLP.

What are they responsible for?

Meetings can’t go ahead without a Chair! So the main responsibility of the Vice Chair is to stand in for the CLP Chair when they’re not available; chairing meetings, making sure they’re run in a fair and open way, and ensuring everyone is listened to and has their say. Just like CLP Chairs, Vice Chairs need to be well organised, great communicators and to have the ability to make sure meetings stay on track.

How do I get in touch?

Your Local Contact can put you in touch with your CLP Vice Chair. If you have any questions about the role of Vice Chair, you can email the Membership Team at [email protected].


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