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Data protection disclaimer

Purpose of this agreement

This agreement has been made and access provided for the specific purpose of accessing Organise to retain, engage and mobilise members in your designated area. Please read the disclaimer below and fill in your details to confirm you accept these terms.

Everyone accessing personal data via Organise must comply with your legal obligations in terms of handling and using this personal data under the Data Protection Act 2018.

You must not:

  • Supply a copy of this data to any other person or organisation.
  • Disclose the information contained in it.
  • Make use of this information, other than for the purpose you’ve been provided it for.
  • Provide or share your Organise login details with anyone else.

You must:

  • Ensure the data is secure at all times and provide secure destruction of any printed or downloaded contact lists from Organise immediately after use, or at any time you are requested to do so by the issuer/ Governance and Legal Unit.
  • Destroy the information, after you have used it for the purpose it has been provided for.

If you are found in breach of the above procedures, there may be constitutional and legal consequences. In particular you should note that:

  • It is a criminal offence without authorisation to disclose or sell this data or to use it for an unauthorised purpose.
  • If found in breach of rules of good information handling (e.g. if you collect personal data for one purpose and then use it for another), you may also be liable to a claim for compensation from a person whose personal details you hold.

Organise data protection form

    I confirm that I understand the legal obligations associated with the Data Protection Act 1998 and agree to comply with these obligations in terms of handling and using any personal data supplied to me.

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