Labour can make history again in Wellingborough – with your help

Wellingborough candidate Gen Kitchen campaigning

The last few months have seen four Labour gains at by-elections, including overturning majorities of over 20,000 to beat the Tories. These elections have made history, seeing Labour win in areas we’ve never won before, and with some of the biggest swings away from the Conservatives since the Second World War.

These victories – in Selby and Ainsty, Rutherglen and Hamilton West, Mid Bedfordshire and Tamworth – show that people across Britain are ready for change, and are putting their faith in Labour to deliver it.

Now we have the chance to make history again, and we need your help to make it happen.

There is a potential by-election coming up in Wellingborough, where the Tories currently have a majority of almost 19,000.

But recent results show that Labour’s local candidate Gen Kitchen can win there.

With Labour campaigners knocking on doors and speaking to voters about our plans to get Britain’s future back, we can cause another historic upset and send a message to Rishi Sunak that his weak, failed ideas aren’t working and the country wants a general election.

Local teams will be running campaigning sessions every day, with a constituency office open daily from 10am to 6pm if you want to pop in and find out how you can help.

Let us know you’re coming to help in Wellingborough

I’ll help Labour win
Labour Party volunteers canvassing

Don’t worry if you’ve never campaigned before – experienced local activists will help you get started.

It’s crucial that we keep going, and apply the pressure to Rishi Sunak’s weak Tory government. Any time you have to spare for Gen in Wellingborough could make all the difference.

So sign up to campaign now – or if you can’t make it, chip in to help the campaign.

Let’s get Britain’s future back, together.