Tamworth and Mid Bedfordshire by-election wins: Labour campaigners have redrawn the political map

Keir Starmer meets Mid Bedfordshire Alistair Strathern

Labour has overturned two enormous majorities to secure historic by-election wins in Tory safe seats.

Keir Starmer hailed the victories for Sarah Edwards in Tamworth and Alistair Strathern in Mid Bedfordshire as “phenomenal results that show Labour is back in the service of working people”.

Both will go down in the history books. Tamworth saw the second-biggest by-election swing to Labour since the Second World War, and Mid Bedfordshire was the biggest majority ever overturned at a by-election.

Hundreds of Labour campaigners have been out in both constituencies, knocking on doors and speaking to thousands of voters about the need for change and Labour’s missions to get Britain’s future back.

Having overturned majorities of over 19,000 and over 24,000 respectively, one thing is absolutely clear: these incredible victories simply would not have happened without the hard work and perseverance of Labour campaigners.

And that hard work doesn’t stop now. It needs to ramp up.

The two results show the appetite for change across Britain, and with a general election on the horizon, Labour now needs to take its message out to voters all over the country.

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