Watch: Labour has changed. Now let’s get Britain’s future back

Keir Starmer smiling behind a podium that says 'Britain's Future' on it

The British people won’t get the change they are demanding in this country from a fifth term of Tory government – only Labour can deliver on a national mission of renewal.

That’s the message from Labour leader Keir Starmer in our new party political broadcast, with a message aimed at those whose trust we didn’t win at the last general election.

“Everything I’ve done as leader, every fight I’ve had, has been to reconnect us to that purpose: a different Labour Party driven by your values, relentless in earning your vote,” he says.

And he hits back at those who talk down Britain’s ability to reach its potential, and restore fairness and opportunity.

“If we are privileged enough to win the next election, we’ll walk together with a new mission to get Britain building again, take back our streets, switch on great British energy, get the NHS back on its feet and tear down the barriers to opportunity.

“A Britain where hard work is rewarded, aspiration is back, communities have more control, politics serves your interests and we’re together. we can save.

“In a cry of defiance to those who write our country off, Britain can, Britain must, Britain will get its future back.”

Watch it here:

With the general election coming this year, Labour needs help to get out our message. Up against the big money campaign chest the Tories will be able to rely on, we will need as many supporters to volunteer their time to speak to voters, and chip in to fund our own election campaign.

So if you want to see a Labour government in 2024, help us deliver it.