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Candidate Declarations Form 2021

The NEC has a responsibility to ensure Labour Party candidates meet the highest standards. In order to ensure such standards are met, the NEC has agreed that all candidates for the elections must complete the updated probity declarations below.
Please read the information below carefully and ensure you submit your updated declaration no later than 17.00, Friday 5 March.

Failure to make a submission by this date will result in you not being certified as a Labour Party candidate by the Party’s nominating officer.

The Labour Party welcomes candidates from a diverse range of backgrounds and recognises that some candidates may have issues in their background which prevent them agreeing to each point in the declarations below. Not being able to make such declarations does not automatically disbar you from being a candidate, but it is very important that all relevant issues are brought to the attention of the NEC. If you would like to raise an issue in confidence prior to making a declaration you can do so by speaking to your regional office

  • This is the email address we will contact you on if we need to.
  • Social Media Links

    Please provide us with any links to social media accounts that you have. This should be in the form of a URL.

  • Declarations

    I will declare to the NEC any matters in my political or personal record which, if revealed, could publicly embarrass the Labour Party or affect public confidence in my position as a representative. In particular:
  • If you have not checked any of the above please provide details in the box below..
  • *If there is any matter which you feel might need to be declared under this provision, but which you would wish to discuss in confidence before making disclosure or completing this declaration, please contact your Regional Director or Welsh or Scottish General Secretary by following the link below
  • *The information collected on this form will only be used for the purposes of processing your application. Where you provide the Labour Party with information related to any criminal convictions, we process this data in order to ensure candidates adhere to the standards set out in our Rule Book and where necessary to ensure candidates are not disqualified under electoral law, as well as to safeguard the wider public. You can find more information about this in our privacy policy here:
  • *When you click submit your information will be saved. You will then be asked to log in to complete the Labour Party’s Equalities Monitoring Survey. If you have not already completed this survey, please do so. It is important that we collect monitoring data for all of our candidates for public office so that we can measure ourselves against our aim for our candidates to be representative of the full diversity of our society.