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COSLA Labour Group

What is the COSLA Labour Group?

COSLA Labour Group is composed of, and is representative of, Labour Groups in Local Authorities across Scotland.

What is COSLA?

COSLA is a councillor-led, cross-party organisation which works on Local Authorities’ behalf to focus on the challenges and opportunities they face, and to engage positively with governments and others on policy, funding and legislation.  You can find more information about COSLA’s work on their website.

COSLA Labour Group

The Group consists of Councillors from all Labour Groups in Scotland. The Group provides a strong voice for Labour values in determining COSLA policy, and influencing Government policy.

The Group has good working relationships with the Scottish Parliamentary Labour Group, the PLP and the Labour Head Office. Members also work closely with Council counterparts in the rest of the UK. The Group holds frequents meetings and seeks to influence policy both within COSLA, as well as with Parliamentary colleagues across the UK through communications, publications and regular meetings with key stakeholders.

The leader of COSLA Labour Group is Cllr David Ross, Co-Leader of Fife Council.

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