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Do you think you could be an excellent local Labour representative? Find out how to become a Labour candidate.

How to become a Labour candidate

It’s great that you’re interested in standing as a Labour candidate! The Labour Party is proud to support and encourage a wide representation of candidates at a local, regional and national level.

To stand as a representative of the Labour Party, you need to be a member of the party for one year. Join the party now.

We would always recommend the next step should be to get in touch with your local Labour Party and be part of their local campaigning. You can find the contact details of your local Labour Party on your membership card or you can contact your Regional or National Labour Party office.

You can also log onto our digital gateway to the Labour Party at to activate your digital membership, find out your local Labour Party contacts and access resources.

If you are interested in standing as a local government candidate please take some time to look at the resources below.

Our latest booklet for people thinking about becoming a councillor.

The Local Government Association’s information on being a councillor.

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