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Trade Unions

Five reasons to join a trade union

Why you should join

Trade unions give power to working people and enable employees to speak with one voice to their employer.

They also help us to have a strong presence in every workplace and community up and down the country. Join a Labour-affiliated union today.


Trade unions give power to working people. They enable employees to speak with one voice to their employer – making us stronger together than we are alone.


Workers in unionised workplaces are less likely to lose their job, and are likely to have better than average maternity, paternity and redundancy policies.

Higher and more equal pay

Union members earn 10% more than non-members. Women are also more likely to get paid the same as men for doing the same or similar work.


Unions provide access to legal advice on employment matters and can represent you at any employment tribunal. They support and represent members who are the victims of discrimination, harassment or bullying.

"Unions work tirelessly to stop workers like my father from being exploited. It is through the work of unions, in partnership with the Labour Party, that we have secured things such as the right to maternity pay, the right to paid holiday, and the right to withhold your labour."

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

The Labour Family

From the beginning trade unionists have been at the heart of our party. By working together we have changed Britain for the better from the NHS to the welfare state.

Find out which union is right for you, and join today.

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