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No Place for Antisemitism

No Place for Antisemitism: Disciplinary Processes

Antisemitism has no place in our Party and we have continued to take decisive action to root it out. A small minority of Labour members hold antisemitic views and a larger number don’t always recognise antisemitic stereotypes and conspiracy theories for what they are.

Labour is the only political party which publishes statistics on disciplinary cases and we are committed to transparency. In 2019, I twice published statistics on antisemitism cases, and I will be publishing updates on a regular basis on this page going forward. The report below shows the statistics for both 2018 and 2019, broken down by quarters. Future publications will be in the same format so that the Party’s progress can be easily monitored.

The vast majority of complaints relate to social media activity, often social media posts from several years ago. A third of all cases in 2019 have the same single individual as the main complainant.

The Party does not have the same detailed breakdowns of figures for the period before 2018 as a comprehensive central complaints system was not in use until 2018, but the data we do have for this preceding period is included in the report. The report demonstrates the length of time taken under the previous procedures for a case to be concluded or for an individual to be expelled, and the significant impact of the reforms we have introduced since 2018  in strengthening and speeding up those procedures, resulting in more investigations, suspensions and expulsions.

We have made great progress but we are continuing to review our procedures to ensure they are as robust and efficient as possible, and our next publication of statistics will demonstrate our continued progress.

Jennie Formby
Labour Party General Secretary
28 January 2020

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