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Frequently Asked Questions

The 2020 Leadership elections ballot closed at Noon on 2 April 2020. As the ballot has now closed, the online voting portal has been switched-off and any postal ballots received after then will not be counted.

How do I vote in the Labour Leadership Elections?

Eligible members will receive a ballot by email. If we don’t have an individual email address on record, the ballot will be sent by post. Registered supporters and affiliated supporters will also receive their ballot by email. If we do not hold an email address for affiliated supporters, we will supply their ballot by post.

Once you’ve received your ballot you can return your paper ballot using the envelope supplied, or vote online following the instructions in the email. All votes must be received by noon on Thursday 2 April.


When will I receive my ballot paper and how will it get to me?
The ballot opens on Monday 24 February.  Because of the size of the electorate ballots will be sent out in batches over the rest of that week.  You therefore shouldn’t panic if you don’t receive your vote immediately.

Eligible members will receive a ballot by email. If we don’t have an email address on record for you, the ballot will be sent by post. Registered supporters and affiliated supporters will also receive their ballot by email. If we do not hold an email address for affiliated supporters, we will supply their ballot by post.

Members and supporters can request a reissued postal ballot until 23 March (noon).  Email reissues can be requested using the reissue self service portal.  The self-service portal will remain available until the close of ballot, though we would not recommend waiting until the last minute to request a reissue.

If you think we might have the wrong details for you please email us at [email protected]


How does the voting system work?
The voting system works as a one-person one vote, and every vote is equal.  Voting will be by preferential vote.  If no candidate receives more than 50 per cent of the vote in the first round, the lowest scoring candidate will be eliminated and their votes redistributed until a candidate receives more than 50 per cent of the vote.


When does the ballot close?
The ballot closes at noon on Thursday 2 April. Any votes received after this time will not be counted.


Why is the address different on the ballot paper and the envelope provided?
Both these addresses work. The simplest thing to do is just return your ballot in the envelope provided. However, if you lose your envelope you can send your ballot back using the address on the ballot. This is because Royal Mail require different addresses for pre-printed envelopes to those that you fill in yourself.


How can I vote for the new Labour Leader and Deputy Leader?

Party members and Registered Supporters

Anyone who joined the party before 5pm on Monday 20 January will be able to vote in the Leadership Elections.

Registered Supporters who signed up between 14 and 16 January 2020 and paid the £25 registration fee will also be able to vote in the Leadership Elections.


Affiliated supporters

Members of a trade union or socialist society that is affiliated to the Labour Party who have signed up through their affiliated organisation or the Labour Party as an affiliated supporter by 3 February 2020 will also be able to vote in the contest.


Trade Union Socialist Societies
BFAWU Chinese for Labour
Communications Workers Union Christians on the Left
Community Disability Labour
FBU The Fabian Society
GMB Jewish Labour Movement
Musicians Union Labour Animal Welfare Society (LAWS)
TSSA Labour Campaign for International Development
UNISON Labour Housing Group
Unite the Union Labour Movement for Europe
USDAW Labour Party Irish Society
NUM Labour Women’s Network
LGBT Labour
National Union Of Labour and Socialist Clubs
Scientists for Labour
Socialist Educational Association
Socialist Environmental and Resources Assoc. (SERA)
Socialist Health Association
Society of Labour Lawyers


Who can become a member or supporter of the Labour Party?
Normal “qualification criteria” of membership of the party applies to registered supporters. You must be on the electoral register. Any person who has supported another political organisation in the last two years, or stood against an official Labour candidate won’t be able to vote.


Who are the candidates standing?
To be validly nominated candidates require the support of at least 10% of MPs/MEPs as well as 5% of CLPs or at least three affiliates – at least two of which must be trade unions – comprising 5% of fully paid up affiliated membership.  Find information on nominations for Leader and Deputy Leader.


Who is running the ballot?
The election is being run by Civica (formerly Electoral Reform Services) on behalf of the Labour Party.


How/when will the winner be announced?
The result will be announced at a Special Conference on Saturday 4 April. The Leadership Conference is open to all delegates and ex-officio members registered for Annual Conference in 2019.


What counts as evidence that I’m on the electoral register?

  • If you are unsure whether you are on the electoral register, apply by going to You will receive a confirmation email and you should submit that as evidence.
  • It’s possible that you may have submitted details to us that differ slightly from how you appear on the electoral register. If you think this is the case, you can supply us with additional details so we can update your record.
  • Sometimes our records aren’t up-to-date with local council records. If you have any proof that you are on the electoral register (e.g. an email from your council confirming you are on the register or an image of a recent polling card) you can also submit that as evidence.
  • If you are a UK citizen living abroad, a member of the gypsy/traveling community or, a member with no fixed abode, you will need to provide us with evidence that you are on the UK electoral register, such as a declaration of local connection. You can find out more about applying for a declaration of local connection by heading to Once you have completed your application your will receive a confirmation email and you should submit that as evidence via email.
  • If there are any other circumstances in which you are unable to register to vote, please contact our team at [email protected]. All emails will be dealt with in strict confidence.


Can I post a picture of my ballot paper online?
To ensure the integrity of the ballot and the security of your details, we strongly advise you do not do this. Each ballot contains codes which are unique to you and can only be used once. By putting these online you risk someone else using your vote.


Why am I not getting emails from the candidates or the Labour Party?
You may be unsubscribed. You can resubscribe here.


I’ve got a question that’s not answered here, how do I get in touch?
If you want to check your eligibility or request a new ballot, you can do so on this page. However, if you need to get in contact with us directly, please email [email protected]

We will aim to reply to your email within a week.

Timeline of Labour Leadership Elections

Monday 6 January – NEC Meeting – timetable agreed and published.

Tuesday 7 January – Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) and European Parliamentary Labour Party (EPLP) nominations open and Leader hustings.

Wednesday 8 January – PLP and EPLP hustings for Deputy Leader.

Monday 13 January – PLP and EPLP nominations close.

Tuesday 14 January – Deadline for validly nominated candidates to consent to nomination and submit statements for circulation to CLPs and affiliates.

Tuesday 14 January, 5pm – Registered supporters applications open.

Thursday 16 January, 5pm – Registered supporters applications close.

Wednesday 15 January – CLP and affiliate nominations open.

Monday 20 January (5pm) – Freeze date for membership and affiliate supporters.

Monday 3 February – Last day for affiliated organisations to send over new and updated affiliated supporter lists.

Friday 14 February – CLP and affiliate nominations close. Last day for members to be in full compliance (including full payment of arrears).

Monday 24 February  – Ballot for Leadership voting opens.

Monday 2 March – Reissue requests open

Monday 23 March – Last date for postal ballot reissues.

Thursday 2 April (Noon) – Ballot closes.

Saturday 4 April – Special Conference to announce results.

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