Thursday 3 September 2020 / 1:07 PM Alan Whitehead / Energy

Alan Whitehead responds to Government review of oil and gas licensing regime

Alan Whitehead MP, Labour’s Shadow Energy and Green New Deal Minister, responding to the Government announcement of a review into the oil and gas licensing regime, said:

“The Arctic and Amazon rainforest are still on fire, making the Government’s long-term policy of maximising oil and gas extraction untenable.

“A review of this licencing regime is long overdue, as the present regime simply does not fit with UK net zero legislation. Oil and gas will have an ongoing role in the economy, but in the long term this will be reduced to a few industrial processes only, much of which can be supplied from known reserves.

“If this review lives up to the Government’s claims and is genuinely geared towards meeting climate change targets then we will welcome it.”