Wednesday 11 September 2019 / 5:14 PM Environment / Sue Hayman

Badger cull licenses issued – Sue Hayman responds

Sue Hayman MP, Shadow Secretary for DEFRA, commenting on the new badger cull licenses issued today, said:

“The new licences issued today will take the number of badgers killed in the cull to an astonishing 130,000 – pushing the species to the verge of extinction in many areas.

“This is despite official data showing that incidents of bovine TB increased dramatically in areas of Gloucestershire despite the cull. If Boris Johnson can call off the Derbyshire cull then he can put a stop to every cull across the country.

“Labour is calling for an immediate halt to this inhumane and ineffective destruction of wildlife and for the government to produce an alternative strategy to tackle bovine TB. This should focus on badger vaccinations, improved cattle testing, restricting herd movement and taking measures to tackle the spread of the disease through farm slurry.”