Thursday 3 May 2018 / 11:13 AM DWP

Benefit cap statistics published this morning are stark – Margaret Greenwood

Margaret Greenwood MP, Labour’s Work and Pensions Secretary, commenting on the benefit cap statistics published today, said:

“The benefit cap statistics published this morning are stark. A thousand more households had their housing benefits capped for the first time last quarter and single parents with at least one young child under the age of 5 were by far the biggest single group affected.

“Many single parents on low income desperately want to work, but they face real challenges in finding affordable childcare and work that is flexible.

“Over four million children are growing up in poverty, and independent organisations like the IFS are warning that this is set to increase sharply over this Parliament as a direct result of government policies.

“Labour would make tackling child poverty the priority it should be through a Living Wage of £10 an hour; free childcare for all children under the age of 5; and a social security system that supports parents rather than penalises them.”