Friday 13 September 2019 / 2:30 PM Diane Abbott / Home Affairs

Boris Johnson must apologise for shameful comments about child abuse – Diane Abbott

Diane Abbott MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, in response to Boris Johnson denying comments he made regarding investigations into historic child abuse cases:

“Boris Johnson’s original comments were so shameful and hurtful to the victims of historic child abuse that it is no wonder he now wants to deny he ever said them.

“The Prime Minister must apologise, sincerely and profusely, for the harm his disgusting comments caused, and now for lying to the people about it.”


Notes to editors:

  • In March this year, Boris Johnson said “£60m I saw was being spaffed up the wall on some investigation into historic child abuse”
    “One comment I would make is that I think an awful lot of the money, an awful lot of police time, now goes into these historic offences and all this malarkey – £60m I saw was being spaffed up the wall on some investigation into historic child abuse and all this kind of thing.
    @29.20, LBC phone-in, 13 March 2019,
  • Speaking today, Boris Johnson denied saying it.
    “David Parker, Rotherham Advertiser: Welcome to Rotherham prime minister. A few months ago, you said in a radio interview that lots of local police forces were “spaffing money up the wall” – is that something you still believe? On investigations of historic CSE [this may have been CSA or COC, recording unclear].
    “Johnson: That’s actually not what I said but, what I certainly can say, is I think all such investigations are extremely important. But the point I was making was that we do need to be backing our police to be fighting crime and that’s why we’re investing in 20,000 police out on the streets and putting about £1bn more into policing.