Thursday 2 July 2020 / 11:19 AM Education / Kate Green

Children must be safely back in school by September – Kate Green

Kate Green MP, Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary, responding to the guidance issued today on children’s return to schools in September, said:

“All children must be safely back in school by September. By then, they’ll have suffered a six-month gap in their learning. Officials in the Department for Education have warned this could lead to a widening of the attainment gap of up to 75% as children from disadvantaged backgrounds have lacked access to resources to learn at home.

“Teachers, school leaders, staff, and parents have achieved a huge amount throughout this crisis, and now they desperately need the support of the government. With only three weeks to go before the end of term, there is an enormous amount to prepare: finalising health and safety arrangements, ensuring there is space for children to learn, restructuring the school day and providing reassurance to parents.

“The Government has been asleep at the wheel, but heads and staff cannot be left to do this alone. Labour is calling for a cross-party taskforce to focus urgently on getting the necessary arrangements in place so that all students can return safely in September.”