Sunday 22 September 2019 / 11:41 AM Jeremy Corbyn

Christians standing against injustice and on the side of the poor and needy are “the very best” of the Christian faith

Speaking at a church service in Brighton this morning (Sunday 22nd September), Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn praised Christians and church communities across the UK, saying that the way in which Christians “stand against injustice in all its forms” and support the poor and the needy “represents the very best of the Christian faith”.

The service, arranged by Christians on the Left at One Church in Brighton, was part of Freedom Sunday – an International Justice Movement initiative which seeks to unite and mobilise the global church in campaigning to end modern slavery and human trafficking.

Speaking at a church service at One Church Brighton this morning, Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn said:

“The work that Christians and all church and faith communities across the UK do is invaluable to so many. The way in which you stand against injustice in all its forms, and support the poor and the needy represents the very best of the Christian faith.

“Isaiah 1:17 reads “Seek justice. Defend the oppressed”. This message is close to my heart as Leader of the Labour Party, and any Labour government that I lead will have global justice at its heart and we will seek justice for all and defend the oppressed at home and abroad – be they refugees, victims of human trafficking and modern slavery or those living in poverty.

“Faith communities and faith organisations have an invaluable role to play in our communities – they play a key role in welcoming refugees, helping them to settle in our country and rebuild their lives, as well as advocating for their rights and in favour of inclusion and solidarity, not exclusion and division.

“So I thank Christian and other faith communities and faith organisations for the work they do in our communities supporting the vulnerable and oppressed, and my message to you is that the values of solidarity, loving our neighbours, unity in our communities and seeking justice at home and abroad are the values that we hold dear in the Labour Party and will continue to do so”.