Thursday 19 January 2017 / 1:35 PM 2017 Press Archive / The Latest from Labour

Councils up & down the country are in a desperate situation – Teresa Pearce

Teresa Pearce, Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local
commenting on Surrey County Council’s
decision to hold a council tax referendum to fund adult social care, said:

“This Government’s continuing failure to address the crisis in social
care funding has left councils up and down the country in a desperate

“Despite repeated warnings from experts across the sector, the
Government has yet again offered no fresh ideas and not a penny in extra
funding to stem the crisis facing elderly, disabled and vulnerable people this

“Forcing councils to rely on council tax income to fund statutory
services, such as social care, is simply unsustainable and unrealistic. Council
tax will not plug the growing funding gap in the long-term, and it will create
a postcode lottery in services, leaving the poorest councils struggling to get

“The Government needs to come forward with urgent funding to address the
immediate crisis as well as a sustainable and strategic vision for the future
of social care. So far, they have done neither. It is elderly, disabled and
sick people who are paying the price for their failure this winter.”